The Theatre List 26/3 – Times are a changin’

I have to say I am noticing some trends whilst I compile this list every week. Continually DC fail to register their candidates and only a couple of titles regularly make it. Larfleeze is one such example and you will notice that the Flash has moved to the average pile, mainly because of the change of artist. Marvel are producing some good work, especially with the All New Marvel Now but I have noticed a deterioration with the floods of Avengers and X-Men books. I like New Avengers but I was not keen on the artist change, as Bianchi was fitting the bill. The independent books often prevail and always feature the well establish books such as Fatale, Satellite Sam and Manhattan Projects this week. Maybe this is indicative of the future of comics: the development of solid new solo hero titles, the crescendoing wave of creator owned work and the demise of the old firm books. It is an interesting time to say the least.

P.S. Sandman Overture lies in a realm I have yet to make sense of.


Larfleeze-009-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Larfleeze #9 

The self deprecating humour of the writers is ever so endearing and the book maintains a high standard of entertainment. I just love how focal the pessimistic butler is in all of this and how the all powerful family have broken down just because they stole Larfleeze’s possession.



Amazing X-Men (2013-) 005-000Amazing X-Men #5 

Once again sentiment catches me again as we see the return of a lost love. Nightcrawler was always coming back but I must say that the cost is a nice little twist. The school is desperately in need of a character like Kurt, as I honestly feel the heart of the X-Men has been torn asunder.



Silver Surfer (2014-) 001-000Silver Surfer #1

What can I say? I am a sucker for the regular human being the most important aspect of the universe. It’s always a lovely touch to bring the world of superheroes down to Earth, and especially a more cheerful Surfer intent on redemption. Allred’s art is fantastic as always and a joy to look at.



Superior Spider-Man 030-000Superior Spider-Man #30 

Interestingly this was THE issue. The big return and I commend Slott on making it more plausible that the exit issue. Ock struggled to make the big decision when he needed to, his scientific mind postulated for too long. Peter struggled to maintain his memories but it was Octavius that brought him back to alleviate his failures.



Avengers Assemble 025-000Avengers Assemble #25 

It was great to see DeConnick tackle a new character like Spider-girl and bring her into her own. This is the type of hero she writes well and the balance with the Avengers was excellent. The art is also succinct and lovely and befitting of a younger focus.


All-New Ghost Rider (2014-) 001-000All New Ghost Rider #1 

Just fantastic, check my art post on it:




Hawkeye 018-000Hawkeye #18 

Even though I think the aspect of Hawkeye that makes it so unique it Aja’s interpretation, Wu does a decent job of bringing Kate’s joviality to life. The writing is still good and the plot is sound, but I always want Aja!




Alex + Ada 005-000Alex + Ada #5 

Luna’s art has always grabbed me because it looks so precise but always quite timid. The panels move slow but purposely and it is quite a nervy and angsty comic. I am waiting to see how they explore the A.I. theme but am quite pleased with how they have handled Alex’s reactions.



The Manhattan Projects 019-000Manhattan Projects #19 

The Oppenheimers arc comes to fruition with a suitable bang. Browne performs well as a replacement for Pitarra in Oppenheimer’s mind and I love how the colouring has been handled. A fantastically compelling story and just…well crazy.



Satellite Sam 007-000Satellite Sam #7 

The hidden underworld of Sam’s father is still being revealed as Sam himself, delves further into the sexual depravity of his heritage. The art is disturbingly graphic but also delicately erotic when it wants to be. The gradual escalation of sexual perversion is very well handled.



the-wake-7-3ad95The Wake #7 

Another fantastic comic within a series that does not fail to produce. It is an interesting tact to move to the future and then try to work out the past i.e. the future of the previous present. I wonder how easy it would be without such an incredible artist in Sean Murphy because when that monster attacks that ship, it genuinely gave me shivers.



Fatale 021-000Fatale #21 

I am thoroughly enjoying the latest arc because it is explaining Josie! It has taken its sweet time but now we are seeing the disturbing horror with some shining light. That may be because of the eyeballs Josie steals but we can see where they came from at least! Philips art is brilliant and has the staying power for my purchases.

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