The Theatre List 18/6 – But there’s no…….on the list?

This week’s list has been an exceptionally difficult list to collate because I could have easily placed another five books on it, but fourteen in one week is just ridiculous. The books I have left off are all solid and deserve some credit but I would really have to think twice about asking people to spend their hard earned money on them, compared to the quality that is around. You will be surprised to hear that the first book on this “reserve” list is Thor. Once again the art is gorgeous but this conclusion has not blown me away, which I really wanted it to. We had the Thorinson kicking Galactus’ ass but it bore no relevance to the present Thor’s adventures with trolls, a minotaur and Broxton. The plot did not come together, but I must press that Esad’s art was glorious. Nova’s Original Sin book was not bad at all but was a significant amount of filler with a surprise “OS” twist. I liked that we are trying to make Sam friends with the Watcher but I am still not sold on it, plus it was all a little contrived. Wonder Woman maintains it’s quo of fighting for a kid again, disguising that the real war is based around the throne. There are more siblings, double-crosses, and unnecessary battles, but I will say this: there were a couple of poignant moments making it better than the average issue. Wolverine and the X-Men plays a very interesting angle on the Phoenix and I really enjoyed seeing Fantomex and Cyclops relaying tough lessons. Whilst I remain unconvinced of the plot I do enjoy the themes at hand, but the art is not special. Sex Criminals has taken a strange turn and the psychiatric trauma that Jon suddenly has is a little rushed, and the time dedicated to sex in past issues is not devoted to his mental breakdown. Some relationship discourse would have proved better than a somewhat dull monologue. This very important message is mainly used to develop the story at the end, and I feel as a plot device it is misused. Less funny, more dark but still entertaining. Fatale was just weird, I wouldn’t have minded it too much if the acid trip sex scenes were more plausible and consistent with the previous issues. I appreciate sex can be out of this world but to have it drawn as such is mighty strange. Any if those were the nearly books wait until the list!


Eternal was just strange this week and the art is very odd for the theme of this weekly Batbook.


Original Sin 004-000Original Sin #4

This book is slowly coming good and the characters are slowly linking nicely. I appreciate that we haven’t persisted with the group adventure stories but they have all amalgamated sensibly. The art is suitably dark and Martin does a great job on the bright but heavily shaded colouring. I actually quite enjoyed the twist too!



Avengers v5 031-000

Avengers #31

Once again a stunning issue with a fantastic time travelling story and a suspenseful ending. I will be reviewing these stories soon but I am really trying to get my head around them, especially now the time gem has appeared from nowhere! Yu’s art is as storming as always and I adore how he manages to destroy reality around him.



Daredevil (2014-) 004-000

Daredevil #4

What can be said about this that hasn’t already been said before. Mark Waid who can be variable (e.g. I dislike Hulk) has a firm grasp on the character and his portrayal of the Shroud is truly compelling. The slow revelations that this book brings is where the joy really lies.



Elektra (2014-) 003-000

Elektra #3

What a glorious comic. I really mean it. The art is free from constraint and remands me of David Mack and JH Williams III. The story has become very dark and strangely disturbing and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I shall be reviewing this book very soon!



Silver Surfer (2014-) 003-000

Silver Surfer #3

I appreciate that this is very much a different kind of Surfer story but it does remind me of Doctor Who. Especially because Dawn is the heart of the book and Norrin is the intergalactic traveller on a journey of discovery. Allred’s art is just wonderful for the crazed space stories and I adore the gestures of defiance and bravery.



Uncanny X-Men (2013-) 022-000

Uncanny X-Men #22

Okay so the big bad reveal was not so exciting and I was thoroughly unimpressed, but the story arc that began at issue 1 has turned full circle well. Bachalo’s panelling and focus effects are still well executed and a joy to read. I have had enough of the two x-men factions, kill Wolverine and unite already.




The Wicked & The Divine 001-000

The Wicked + The Divine #1

Wow! What can I say? Read the many glorious reviews but I bide my time waiting for the plot to really kick in and for the crux of the book. The story is exciting with a great twist and McKelvie’s massively expressive art is brought to life by Matt Wilson’s glorious colouring. Watch this space.



TheManhattanProjects_21-1The Manhattan Projects #21

I was wondering where this book would go next after the culmination of two great arcs. I was pleasantly surprised to read about Laika who was sent into space a long time ago. Hickman has a great grasp of science fiction and is able to develop a funny and highly technological plot line involving a dog. Ryan Browne does the art justice as he has done on a few issues previously.



Alex + Ada #7

I can see this book taking a depressive turn. It is almost obvious as the art and muted dialogue allow for a slow and blossoming relationship between Alex and his sentient robot Ada. Luna has a McKelvie-esque ability to draw streamlined and expressive faces but my favourite aspect of his work is how he utilises his panels.



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