The Theatre List 25/6 – Maintaining the status quo

I seem to have a lot of books to recommend that rely on their previous merits.  So many of them had weaker issues compared to their best but still deserve a mention because they were good, just not their normally great selves. These included Batman, Saga, Chew, Uncanny Avengers and Justice League. There were some new creations to the list such as Superman and Outcast, which were both solid writing and art wise. However some did not make it including Wolverine which wavered a little because the personal revelations doesn’t seem to be a revelation at all. I am sure we have already had a discourse on fear and weakness in the past, and this just does not add to that pretend depth of Logan. Ghost Rider was excluded because there was not enough action or car chases so the art did not get a chance to shine. I really struggled to understand X-Force so I must go back and re-read the first arc. Guardians of the Galaxy was fine, but the story/escape to victory plans were straightforward and the change in artist mid issue really angered me, especially because it was of completely different tact. Flash? I find myself just no caring about this running back in time martyrdom storyline. However the one book that was exceptional was New Avengers, but we will come to that.


2014-06-25 07-40-56 - Superman (2011-) 032-000Superman #32

I quite like the idea of the last human meeting the last Kryptonian. Its a cutesy teenage whim of a story but if done well, it can be really intricate and compelling. John Romita Jr on art was surprisingly good, I haven’t found him at his best for a while. His work on Captain America was a little wayward, but this is much tighter. A pleasant surprise.



2014-06-25 07-37-56 - Justice League (2011-) 031-000Justice League #31

This book was fine overall but it was excellent in having a realistic confrontational conversation between Lex and Bruce. I rather enjoyed how aggressive Luthor and how he figured out the truth. The development of the evil lantern character and how she was sought was quite good, though Im less impressed with the twist at the end.



2014-06-25 07-58-30 - Batman (2011-) 032-000Batman #32

This was perfectly fine as another issue of Zero Year. The plot progressed at a decent pace and the detective work required to find the Riddler was solid enough. The art was beautiful as always and my favourite panel is the confrontational scene between Bruce and Nygma because it looks so iconic. The best Bat book out there by far.




New Avengers v3 020-000New Avengers #20

Wow! Just wow! What an incredible issue with an excellent fight scene portrayed by Schiti with great clarity. The plot has moved on as expected and raised the stakes. The theme of good and evil continues, especially regarding how much you are willing to sacrifice in order to achieve your goals.



Ms. Marvel (2014-) 005-000Ms Marvel #5

The evolution of the ethnic minority hero continues with style and adeptness. Wilson is very understanding of the Muslim culture as well as being sensitive to it. Kamala is very loveable and you naturally cheer for her but it is Alphona’s art that really makes the book shine. The tone is probably more set by Wilson’s colouring but the panels always look clean, colourful and gorgeous.


Original Sin - Hulk vs. Iron Man 001-000Original Sin #3.1

I thoroughly enjoyed this even though I was not expecting to. I found the previous references to Stark and Banner’s educational rivalry very interesting and this book continues that to their extreme conclusions. It lends to a great story full of suspense. The art is average but this does not detract from enjoying the book.



Uncanny Avengers 021-000Uncanny Avengers #21

Another confusing title really. The story has a consistent level of coherence but requires some re-reading. It is quite enjoyable watching how the grand plan came to fruition and also how Kang rose to dominance. The way in which Remender delivers this is nicely done and Acuna is wonderful on art as White is on colours, especially when it comes to showing mutant powers.


Avengers Undercover 006-000Avengers Undercover #6

What a fantastic issue! This is because it takes a simple premise of a boy trying to attract the attention of a girl who is besotted with another, and then mixes it with peer pressure with dire consequences. Even though Walker was absent on this issue, Green II did a decent job is conveying action and emotion. I cannot believe it is getting cancelled.




Chew 042-000Chew #42

I just adored the cover and I found the comic a decent enough one shot. It was humorous as always and the art was great as expected, but I am waiting for the overriding plot to come to the forefront. Whenever the comic has a promotional poster for a Poyo battle, I am a happy man. It was funny to see a guest spot from the wedding singer!



Saga 020-000Saga #20

The foundations are being laid for the crack to develop in the foundations of the family unit. The story is moving along solidly but I have no feelings towards Prince Robot IV, his wife or his child, which had a focus this week. You can almost predict how the plot will move towards the final issues of the arc but it is still quite cleverly done. There are only so many opening-page shock-value pornographic images to print every week and I tire of them.


Deadly Class 006-000Deadly Class #6

I just love this book because Craig is performing excellently in capturing the intensity of the violence and the successful use of perspective. The story is a coming of age for the school kids, was they finally realise that murder is devastating and affects people in different ways. The panelling uses are gorgeous at time as Craig’s innovation is at a high.


Outcast 001-000Outcast #1

This was an intriguing and generally scary comic book. The writer of the Walking Dead takes his hand to religious fanaticism and possession in a surprising good comic. The art can be dark and a little unapproachable but the story is fantastic albeit a little chilling. It performs the desired affect and has a solid opening premise.



Trees 002-000Trees #2

Once again Howard is stellar in the art of this book because the worlds are realistic and well portrayed. It is a shame that we cannot focus on the more interesting ideas from #1, but the two main tales are interesting enough to keep entertained. Ellis is clearly planning this for the long run, because it is not enough to provide only some of a story every month. It is still of a very high quality even though the subplots will take time to combine.


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