The Theatre List 9/7 – DC maybe Eternal but Marvel are Everlasting

An odd kind of week really because I bought such few DC books, an overwhelming amount of Marvel and little from the independent scene. It becomes a pattern with certain weeks as some are heavier from one publisher to another. I quite enjoyed the Bat books this week but I have fallen out of favour with Eternal. It is not so much the quality but the quantity because I cannot justify almost buying a trade paperback a month with a slow plot and inconsistent artwork. The focus on Batman and Gordon is so small that the book is more of a B title which makes its appeal even less. It is a difficult circumstance to build a weekly title, billed as a serial drama with slow plot and characterisations because I am sure it will remain of a decent quality. But there is not enough for me to justify buying it every week, having said that this week saw more plot threads ending than others but it is issue fourteen. Original Sin is also a tenuous crossover attempt which I have discussed before. There is not so much a continuing story but a secret revealed that is a trigger to a new arc. With Thor & Loki, I quite like the idea of there being a further realm and a lost sister but I was quite put off by the artwork because it is so thick and heavy that is barely moves. It wasn’t a bad comic by any means but I was quite disappointed. The Avengers & All New Invaders Original Sin books were great, especially the plot delivery by Robinson with Invaders. I am still surprised that I buy Wolverine because I almost always detest it, this issue was no different because I just do not believe in his redemptive change. I guess I am a sucker for the character I always love and his impending doom, but I will be reading it to the end. As I slowly become more colouring obsessed I find Captain Marvel’s too tinted at times and it puts me off the art. The story is relatively straightforward but I find Carol has lost that personal touch because she has become a generic hero without the insecurities and doubts that made her character so compelling. Despite these misgivings you will notice that I have the majority of my pull on this recommendation list!


Grayson (2014-) 001-000Grayson #1

This book was quite impressive and Tim Seeley plays a simple spy story with some great touches. The art is also nice and succinct with clear direction, however I found some of the action sequences a little difficult to follow sometimes. Cox’s colouring makes the tone of the book less serious and keeps it out of the dark, which is what the Bat book needs to do.


Detective Comics (2011-) 033-000Detective Comics #33

This book has a uninspired plot but it is well paced and delivered but the artwork is so supreme that it can be just looked at and not read. Of course I am being harsh but it is Manapul and Buccellato’s style that will always keep me buying their work. For a closer focus on this read my Cover of the Week notes:




Daredevil (2014-) 005-000Daredevil #5

I decided this past week that this is the best comic book about today. This issue demonstrated why as Foggy tells the story of how his death was faked with such emotion and tragedy. Waid and Samnee have a unique relationship that really understands their characters meaning they are able to portray them so lovingly with great conviction. A wonderfully quaint story.


X-Force (2014-) 007-000X-Force #7

In typical Spurrier style it has taken until issue 7 for the story to come together and the dynamics of the team to be revealed. There are some delightful ideas at hand and they are gritty and dark, especially Cable’s health condition and Fantomex’s insecurities. This issue is the one comic of the run that really stamps out each character and what their motivations are with Kim producing fine delicate artwork conveying the emotions of the group.


Avengers Undercover 007-000Avengers Undercover #7

After all this time you feel quite attached to the characters in this comic and their decisions as lost teenagers resonate deeply. Hopeless captures the instant reactions of young pressurised heroes so well, and Walker has the angst all over the comic. It is finally making some headway and we are seeing the twists and turns of this great work on the superhero disposition.


Winter Soldier - The Bitter March 005-000Winter Soldier #5

The Bitter March arc is so fantastic because it is a non stop espionage action adventure that bears the marks of sacrifice for the greater good. It is not even told from the view of Bucky but of a scientist embroiled in international terror. I shall be reviewing this title later this week.



All-New X-Men 029-000All New X-Men #25

This book has been appearing on this list more frequently of late because finally something happened and the plot has ended. Given that this is the story that has taken twenty-five issues to tell, you can understand my previous frustrations. The art is solid but the colouring is so engulfed in tints of red that is makes it less aesthetic. Nevertheless the story ends well but I wish Bendis would leave Laura alone, I like my X-23 angry and less lusty.


Spider-Man 2099 001-000Spider-Man 2099 #1

I have no relationship with Miguel O’Hara but his is a character very suited to Peter David’s tastes and this was an exciting and witty opening issue. Peter David can write characters with distinct personalities with great competence, he can even make them less appealing. The set up to the cast was well written and the story was a great contained plot producing, the introduction it needed to. The art by Sliney is great for the action sequences with a lovely deep colour palette.


The Superior Foes of Spider-Man 013 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Superior Foes #13

Just fantastical written and drawn. It doesn’t get much better for a villain book that has amusing hijinks and wonderfully flawed characters. This book has taken far too long to arrive.



All-New Invaders (2014-) 007-000All New Invaders #7

The Original Sin tie-in that features a story based on the tragedy of the Second World War is so incredibly written by Robinson. The history of the Invaders and their rival group is so interesting and draped in subterfuge. The way the writer delivers the tale is also full of suspense and drama and the art is suitably epic, especially when the action hits. It does end with an unnecessary twist but Hammond is a surprisingly insightful hero.


Avengers (2012-) 032-000Avengers #32

I am beginning to see more and more of Hickman’s FF and F4 books with this story. The future time jumps are becoming more and more erratic and I am waiting to see the ultimate fate of Cap. This carried on in an excitement vein and the art is gloriously rendered by Yu as always.




Shutter 004-000Shutter #4

Ooooh Ooooh this story just became really exciting with the awesome final page reveal. The assembly of strange beings and species is entertaining enough but now it has hit another gear. The artwork from Del Duca is so rich and beautiful to view. As Kate runs away from her fate, she is caught and brought back to the secrets held so close by her father. Maybe we need a Watcher to die for the door to be unlocked.


Spread 001 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Spread #1

I must say I was so impressed with this opening issue by Jordan and Strahm. Jordan loves a good post-apocalyptic story and has become well versed with bringing out the personal turmoils of his protagonists. What is important here is the sheer horror and vileness of the world in which they live juxtaposed with the innocence of a baby.

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