The Theatre List 16/7 – Inconsistency Kills Comics

Yes this is the week where I finally rant about the the art being all important to a book, and how changes to that radically alter the theme and tone of that title. It is even worse when the artist do not complete a whole issue. Please forgive me if I am showing any signs of disrespect because I appreciate it must be terribly difficult to draw a monthly comic, my comments are focused upon the trials of the art form itself, to a point. This week saw some examples of this and reflected in the removal of some of my favourite titles from this list. Firstly She-Hulk was very much a Pulido book for me and I have always loved his art since the Batgirl/Robin Year Ones trades. Now Shulkie looks different and the art is much darker and grittier which does not match Soule’s writing as well. Ms Marvel is a big problem because Alphona has a beautifully soft style that embraced the love that Kamala embodied, but now it looks too thick and inconsistent and does not reflect Ms Marvel’s personality. Magneto actually almost made it onto the list because Bunn hit a raw nerve with Magneto that resonated with his current character. I quite liked the story and the way it was draw because the fighting scenes were draw by a different artist to Walta who took the serious deliberation panels. It almost worked but it does not hold water as a complete issue. Changing artists is the cardinal sin because even writers can change and keep a character similar in personality, but the art really draws that character out. I must make a quick note that Original Sin is not on the list, not because I do not enjoy the book, but because it has not moved in almost three issues. Lets get to the good stuff.


Robin Rises - Omega (2014) 001-000Robin Rises Omega #1

I thoroughly enjoyed this book despite not having Gleason on board because it was a compelling and understandable story of a man trying to rescue his son. Kubert does have a lovely detailed style and the initial biographical pages on Damian’s life were just gorgeous. The story is rather standard but manageable with the great art.




Untitled UXNUncanny X-Men #23

This was actually a rather impressive issue because it featured an incredible page of Dazzler looking ashamed and upset in a mirror. I complained that Bachalo was not around but Anka draws this so emotionally and with such devastating conviction that you completely buy into her emotions. The story is solid and the characters are moving onto new adventures so its another ending/setting up issue.


Silver Surfer (2014-) 004-000

Silver Surfer #4

I am in desperate need to write an Iconic Art Post about Allred because his work is fantastic. I know that Dan Slott likes Dr Who and that seems to be the crux of the plot here. The human and alien bond and become friends and before you know it, they are besties saving the world together. Its an interesting concept but of course it can never be that simple, especially when the Guardians need to be in every book ever.


Original Sin - Hulk vs. Iron Man 002-000

Hulk vs Iron Man #2

I adore this idea as I previously discussed with issues one. This book sees Bruce and Tony discover the secrets from the gamma bomb test strike, that left Banner a green monster. There is a hugh sense of betrayal and ominousness in this comic, and this represents the shenanigans of Tony and the innocence of Bruce. The story is well expressed and well thought out as expected with Kieron Gillen.


Nova (2013-) 019-000

Nova #19

This book is a regular feature on this list because its tone is set as the petulant child trying to become more like his father. The Black Novas are an interesting group of rebellious of Nova’s who are after power, and power only. As Sam sees visions of his father killing needlessly at the beginning of Original sin, he is devastated to find out the sordid past of his lost hero.



Elektra 004-000

Elektra #4

It is very difficult to keep a close grasp on the mystery of this book because it is so far leftfield that it is hard to fit it into any kind of niche. The main bad guy is technically a cannibal who takes on the skills of the person he devours. Its a nutty plot but equally wonderful and ingenious artwork from Del Mundo. I could just keep looking at his panels all day long.



Avengers World (2014-) 009-000Avengers World #9

See my comments on The Honour Roll!




Manifest-Destiny-008-(2014)-(Digital-Empire)-001Manifest Destiny #8

I have pondered long and hard about why I like this book so much, and I worked out that Roberts’ art is so medieval and horrific that it really leaves it mark. The story is pretty bland, a bunch of explorers go to a mysterious island and come across big monsters. There has been no explanation but the art captures the tension so incredibly well that it bears out the fear so impressively. I do long for a plot point though.


RatQueens_07-1Rat Queens #7

I will always love this book because I will always love the Queens. Their personalities are so unique and lively that they are not seen anywhere else in comics. I do feel sometimes the plot is secondary to the personal rapports developed but the writing is decent. Upchurch needs high commendations for being able to draw a variety of realistic characters, and such cuteness when it comes to Betty.


The Wicked + The Divine 002 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001The Wicked + The Divine #2

If you loved Phonogram then you will adore this book. The indignant commercialisation of a fantastic indy band to making pop music is where this book makes it mark. It is the glamorisation of art to obscene Godlike levels, and it is excellent written, drawn and coloured. It is like Gillen, McKelvie, Wilson all grew up and are creating more polished products to the raw energy they had when younger.


STK642832The Last Fall #1

This was an intriguing little opener from IDW. I quite liked the talented suicidal soldier with nothing to lose theme and the art is quite apt for such a tone. The plot develops well and the issue ends with a small twist and suspense to keep us interested.


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