The Theatre List 30/7 – Image Comics vs Justice League, Avengers & X-Men!

I struggle to believe that there are fifteen books on this list because it is rare I ever reach that number. But what is more ludicrous is that the Justice League, Uncanny X-Men and Avengers do not feature. I found Justice League a little on the dull side and much as the Doom Patrol are quite stylish, I find the story rather average. Geoff Johns struggles sometimes with team books and his Justice League was solid when the cast were alone but in the wider arena such as this book and Forever Evil, it becomes rather standard. Uncanny X-Men was a solid enough book but I was too irritated by the finale to recommend it. I can handle the reading of the will as a dramatic event but I do not buy into the idea that Scott’s X-Men are that easy to locate, and that Xavier has yet another secret. I almost set a competition on Twitter to see how many secrets Professor X actually had. I also have a horrible feeling that the film continuity with Xavier and Raven will slowly seep into the comics. Avengers was of a similar vein but it was less revealing that the current issues and a little too impossible to understand to be able to relate to. That leads onto Uncanny Avengers which completed its latest arc with similar confusion, or perhaps mundanity. The biggest problem I had this week was with The Wake, which finished its run this week. It is not often I review negative books but I feel a need to review this arc given the ending. Stay tuned folks.


Detective Comics (2011-) - Annual 003-000Detective Comics Annual #3

This is the exception that proves the rule. I have never liked a book with various artists because I never believed it maintains coherency. However this book was exceptional because the story was brilliantly written in succinct chapters that all made sense, and were appropriately deductive in nature. I am so impressed with all seven creators.


New Avengers (2013-) 021-000New Avengers #21

Just a breathtaking final issue to the latest world destroying arc. There was never any doubt in my mind who could pull the trigger so I waited patiently. However the build up and tension was so incredible that you began to feel a little uneasy. Schiti is fast becoming one of my favourite artists.



Avengers World (2014-) 010-000Avengers World #10

You can see why Avengers never made the list because its sister titles were stellar. The tying together of plot strings, even in a ridiculous manner, make for exciting reading. The artwork and dark colouring are dramatic reading and induce ominousness. I cannot wait for the next issue.



All-New Ghost Rider (2014-) 005-000All-New Ghost Rider #5

Another story arc ends in exciting fashion. The story is simple but well paced and delivered but the art and colouring is what makes this book exceptional. Tradd Moore has the most phrenetic style and Staples directs the energy with coherent action. It is a joy to read.



Secret Avengers (2014-) 006-000Secret Avengers #6

Ales Kot continues in superb style as he develops his characters personalities and relationships during intelligence missions. Walsh and Wilson play a superb accompaniment to the quality writing, as the flow on the pages is seamless. Hawkeye following in Agent Coulson’s footsteps is genuinely quite amusing and contrasts well to the excellent action sequences on the train.


Hawkeye 019-000Hawkeye #19

I have missed this book ever so much. The artistic reflection of a deafened Hawkeye is original and wonderful. The relationship between brothers is delightfully demonstrated with flashbacks from childhood and it is carried out with warmth and angst. The story actually plays into the gangster building story and I cannot wait for its culmination.


FiveWeapons_10-1Five Weapons #10

This was a rather rushed comic but exciting in typical Five Weapons style. I enjoyed reading it but wondered why it was moving so quickly and ended a little anti-climatically. Jimmie Robinson is unable to complete the fifteen arc story and this was the final issue. I would like to commend him on a great comic with beautiful art, and it is sad that it doesn’t always work out.


Outcast 002 (2014) (Digital-Empire)001Outcast #2

Check out my entry on Scott Meyer’s Honor Roll!




Fatale_24_coverFatale #24

Fatale has finished. I cannot actually believe it. I do feel the ending was a little rushed and the reveals could have been made over a longer time period. However the excellence of the artwork and the intensity of the writing cannot be disputed. I always knew there was something about Josephine.



ChewWarriorChickenPoyo_Oneshot-1Chew Warrior Chicken Poyo One Shot

This was a special one shot comic featuring the superhero Poyo! I have always been amused at the treatment of a killer robot chicken and how popular he has become. This one shot is thoroughly deserved and is so funny with some lovely comedic writing touches. A great supplement to the Chew megatron.



manhattanprojects_22The Manhattan Projects #22

The rhythm and pace of this book are are so perfect that the creators know how to produce a single issue comic, and keep it related to an overall story. Hickman suffers with that in his other stories but this one is just perfect. Pitarra and Bellaire are so synchronous and keep panels pertinent and distinct from a storytelling perspective. Just great.



EastofWest_14-1East of West #15

This book featured my favourite characters, namely the horsechildren and Chamberlain. The legendary nature of this book and the story it depicts is what makes it distinct from other books because it keeps it focal and to one environment. The evils are present throughout the Earth and Hickman keeps the politics and relationships simple without involving complex ideas. Gorgeous art as ever.


BlackScience_07-1Black Science #7

Quite possibly the best comic book out there today. The action sci fi adventures never tires because the art is so fantastic and the action incredible. Just go buy this.



Low_01-1Low #1

This book is not dissimilar from Remender’s other work because it features a sci fi world with a family unit at the centre. There is a distinction that he makes at the end which is that there is an optimist at its heart. I can understand this but I am not sure how well this will come across but I am expectant but in the meanwhile Tocchini has gorgeous artwork to look at.


SNDM_Cv3_textThe Sandman Overture #3

What can I say about this book? JH Williams III art appears as if it should confuse you. Neil Gaiman writes as if it should perplex you. But the book is almost a stunning tapestry of a journey depicted in images. There is no structure and the story just moves as with the writing and art at its own will. A tremendous example of graphic art.


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  1. I loved the Five Weapons series from the very first issue. When I reached the end of #10 and saw that this was the last issue, it was like a giant punch to the gut. So unexpected… 😦

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