The Theatre List 27/8 – The Who’s Who!

There was so much to enjoy from some of the best writers of this era including Johns, Remender, Aaron, Soule, Slott and Hickman. Interestingly there were some big comic titles that failed to make the list. Wolverine continues his journey to death, but not in this book because he is too busy making amends and friends. There wasn’t enough character transitioning for my liking but the plot was solid enough to see out the end of Cornell’s run. Both Bendis books were incredibly frustrating because they remain drawn out and devoid of story. Guardians was merely adequate but the story could do with some more exploration rather than be allowed to finish midway for. All New was so frustrating because I have always loved X-23 until Bendis has completely swapped her with a young version of Kitty it seems. And the pure self serving plot line twist is too indulgent to comment upon. I still have no real idea what to make of Uncanny Avengers as it is hard to believe that all the alternate universe events actually occurred. Its hard to recognise Havok and Wasp as a relationship because we never got to witness it. Low was a very interesting book because it was completely different to the first issue. It is so bleak and devoid of hope and the immoral actions of the main male character serve to support his mother’s depression. The art is pretty but it is so difficult to ascertain what is actually happening. Finally Saga was a bitter disappointment. I actually took a deep breath before opening the comic because I knew there would be a ridiculously lewd first page. There it is, a female character farting stars. It seems to use the shock for shock value’s sake all too liberally and it has lost its originality. Also Alana and Marko have completely strayed from the characters we love that we have stopped caring. Let us ignore the central plot of the Prince Robot child altogether, as I really have no interest there. Right onto books that everyone should be reading!


Superman_Vol_3-34_Cover-1Superman #34

Johns is performing reasonably well on this title as he brings out a character who is similar to Clark but not quite the boy scout. It is also intriguing to see how they interact with a villain hard to identify, who can take the form of normal people. These two represent an interesting dichotomy, one that will be explored further I am sure. Romita is decent on this book but there are pages that look incredible and others that fall flat. Still worth reading though.


redlantern34Red Lanterns #34

Soule provides a full of flaws and determined Gardner and it has been enjoyable watching him take charge of a corps. His character has been written well by Soule but most importantly does justice to his huge heart. The art is solid for the finale action sequences, but the pencils are a little heavy at times.



Sinestro-005-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Sinestro #5

Finally, what I have been hoping for: Sinestro confronting Hal but begin obviously superior to him. This was aided by the Parallax entity which runs rife through their history. The dialogue between the two was interesting and in keeping with their actual friendship.The art was decent throughout but I still think Sinestro has too thick of a head.


Avengers (2012-) 034-000Avengers #24

Though I have enjoyed the travels through time I have struggled to see the point in them. The final future parallel where Kang explains everything to Cap is solid enough writing wise, but I am not entirely sure all these issues support the final plot revelation that the Illuminati are destroying worlds. The only reason why this doesn’t completely fall apart is that Cap may not have remembered everything about his former friends when he initially confronted them. There is probably further revelations to be had but Yu’s art is wonderfully detailed as always.


Original Sin - Thor & Loki 004-000Thor & Loki #4

Classic Loki story. Play two sides against one another and then turn on the one that benefits him least. Meanwhile Thor plays the admirable but dumb hero and fights his way out of trouble by overcoming adversity. The art is a precariously bad balance between Ewing and Bianchi and needs one to just take control. However the plot keeps you interested.


Avengers Undercover 009-000Avengers Undercover #9

This book has an excellent story and wonderfully deep and tormented characters, as expected by the veritable Dennis Hopeless. However the art is decent but completely different to Hopeless’ regular partner in crime, Walker who is dearly missed. The book is almost over and it will make me sad when we say goodbye to these characters.



Silver Surfer (2014-) 005-000Silver Surfer #5

Check my post on the amazing Allred art here: The story is solid and Slott continues his fascination with Dr Who and the obsession with an all too human and all too important companion.




Black Science 008-000Black Science #8

Just beautiful. Remender takes away the first arc central protagonist and then focuses on the supporting cast. The kids are great and their relationship with their father is explored here with great conviction. Scalera and White are incredible as always on art and is worth the cover charge alone, as always.



The Manhattan Projects 023-000The Manhattan Projects #23

The ability to remain fresh and compelling is exemplified by this comic. The change of era and refreshment of characters is excellent as well as amusing. The ability to fantastically twist iconic figures and keep them interesting is handled exceptionally by Hickman and Pitarra in equal measures.



Revival 023 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Revival #23

As the issues progress, so do the revelations to the mysteries of the undead. Seeley and Norton have developed a cast that incur emotion and feelings in a variety of ways. The book continues to run solidly and the plot is making great headway. I love the redemptive properties of the ghastly ghoul and just wait for its appearance.



Wayward 001-000Wayward #1

Steve Cummings art is beautifully clean as he pencils a new tale featuring a mixed race girl going home, to Japan to spend time with her mother. The scenes are appropriately busy and the mystical elements are suitably contrasting. The plot is straightforward and well composed and I look forward to further issues.

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