The Theatre List 3/9 – The End of DC’s Future?

So this week saw the return of the three dimensional motion covers and they were, on the whole, quite disappointing. I enjoyed the villains month covers because they were actually more interesting and involved the whole page. These seem to be encased in an annoying red border which does not add to the appeal. The stories on the whole were quite average with the two exceptions. I must admit it is a difficult task to do a single story set five years ahead for no particular reason. Earth 2, Green Lantern and Detective were just uninteresting and had no fervent points to their story. However Swamp Thing and Grayson were way beyond expectations. Justice League was also not to my liking but that isn’t to mean it was poorly written or drawn because it wasn’t. In having Luthor fail to beat Batman, I thought his role was undermined somewhat from Forever Evil. His failure should not be a reason to keep him in the league, especially because he knows Batman is riled and out to prove a point against him. I would like Luthor to be succeeding and then the trinity will keep an eye on him as he continues to lead the League. Maybe I just don’t like to see Lex beaten so easily. The End of Wolverine was not as emphatic as you would think as after all this time. With no healing ability for quite some time now, everyone suddenly comes for him. The scene of all the dead bodies was cool but seeing Nuke return to life did nothing for me. I am a little saddened that Cornell is not writing this and as much as I do like Soule, Im not sure he has the experience for an important book like this. Especially if you consider how many books he is actually writing at the moment. Oh I almost forgot about the colossal waste of time that was Original Sin. I had no feelings for the Watcher or for an old Fury, let alone a support cast of bystanders. The story was not built correctly and dragged out for far too long. It’s a shame because the art was actually quite good. That is enough of that….


Grayson (2014-) - Futures End 001-000Grayson:Futures End #1

Check out my review of this amazing book!




Swamp Thing - Futures End 001 (2014) (Digital-Empire)001Swamp Thing: Futures End #1

This book had a nice idea as it developed upon the life form spectrum. It was a little rushed but Swampy did a decent job of making each realm sound important and it was good to see the Rot again. Art and colouring was great and some of the story telling was actually quite clever.


The Punisher (2014-) 010-000The Punisher #10

Frank Castle is perfect for a prison drama comic because he is the one guy who legitimately should not be trifled with. The story plays out with a degree of realism. Gerads art is improving by every issue and he really sets the tone by his colouring. I remember when his Electro fights in the rain, were so gloriously drawn and coloured. I discussed his cover here:



Black-Widow-010-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Black Widow #10

This was a fantastic issue featuring Hawkeye and the cyclical nature of being a hero and a villain for Natasha. The flashbacks were quite pertinent to the story and Widow’s journey is well explored. Once again Phil Noto is astounding on art and keeps the book fluid and gritty but beautiful at the same time.



Shulk 8She-Hulk #8

It is great to see a book focused on the lawyering part of Shulkie’s life instead of the superhero aspect. Its quite the turnaround, even Murdock’s life is more heroic than litigious. The Steve Roger’s angle is an intriguing one and the final twist makes for an interesting story, despite it seeming to be about a trial. Pulido is great as always.



The Superior Foes of Spider-Man 015 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Superior Foes of Spider-Man #15

This book is so comical and Spencer keeps it light and very entertaining. The term thick as thieves has never been more appropriate than in this comic, and the subtle comedic nuances of Steve Lieber’s art are much appreciated. This book never fails to deliver.



RR3Rocket Raccoon #3

I reviewed Guardians and commented upon the friendship between Groot and Rocket being so beautifully portrayed. This is the first comic that comes anywhere near that relationship and it is great to see it in comics at last. Skottie Young’s art is perfect for Rocket as it is quirky and comedic for his expressions and violent tendancies. The story is making decent headway too.


Captain America (2012-) 024-000Captain America #24

This came as a complete surprise because I had no idea they were bringing the gang back together. In fact soon after the Iron Nail arc, I had dropped the book. The art is reasonable but I think it would’ve been great to have JRJR back on the book. The story is linking up well in classic Remender style, and I cannot wait to see what happens next.



Uncanny X-Men (2013-) 025-000Uncanny X-Men #25

This book is difficult to recommend because it is so frustrating from a story perspective. The marriage to Mystique secret of Xavier’s seems to link with the movies more than any history in the comics and I just dislike how Bendis has no respect for continuity. The powerful mutant revelation was an interesting idea and I liked how it was delivered, luckily they saved it from being another Xavier disgrace. I do enjoy Bachalo’s art as always.


Southern Bastards 004 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Southern Bastards #4

There is no better comic in the creator owned world today as far as I am concerned. The palatable fear brought out by Latour’s art is just terrifying and really leaves you gasping for air, as your heart goes out to Earl. The unerring feeling that he will fail hangs in the air on every page and you are just willing him to succeed, even though you just know he won’t. That is powerful writing and amazing art right there.

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