The Theatre List 10/9 – Image shoots and scores six times over!

What a great week it was for comics on the whole, especially with the creator owned work and Image publishing. There were few that failed to make the list, but they seemed to be mainly DC. The Batman Futures End story was very average and Superman Unchained ended by a pretty uninspired way of defeating a seemingly invincible foe. I recently discussed the love I have had for Hawkeye and this weeks issue examples my woes. I really miss this book, or rather I really miss Aja’s Clint because the Kate story is reasonable but she doesn’t have the depth of character that Barton has. And Wu, as good as she is, is not as unique or innovative as Aja. I really do not want to take away from this book because it is good but I struggle to recommend it on this list when it is partnered with such exceptional work. Death of Wolverine continued, well that is all I really have to say about it because it was far from interesting. Morning Glories also made a long awaited return, I say long awaited but I think many a reader has been put off the story a while back. It is so incredibly complex and intricate, that it is hard to follow. The explanations at the back fail to really push the story because it serves to remind how we have clearly forgotten some obscure details from the past. I find them quite frustrating and sometimes I would prefer to read each issue and take the story as it is. It is still well written and excellently drawn, however it does prevent me from recommending it on this list. But that doesn’t matter because there are many that did!


Avengers (2012-)34.1-000Avengers #34.1

Despite it being an additional issue with a new creative crew, it was really rather good. Id be happy to spend time with some of Hickman’s creations as a gentle break from the usual craziness. This focused upon Hyperion and the story was quite clever and very nicely told by Al Ewing, with a subtle focus on his alienation from this world. The art was solid and Hyperion looked great throughout.


Avengers Undercover 010-000Avengers Undercover #10

I have some issues with this book but as a completion to Arena, I cannot fault Hopeless’s story or characters. The finale focused upon the personal development of Cammi and it was excellent. I was sad that Kev Walker couldn’t finish this project because I am so used to seeing his characters, but Tigh did a reasonable job. I do feel that some teens were ignored, especially Deathlocket who is now a villain, no questions asked.


Deadpool-034-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Deadpool #34

For another retrospective tale with a tenuous Original Sin tie-in, this issue was actually quite good. The pencilling was thick and heavy and reminisced the style of the 70s and 80s, and I liked Deadpool’s costume. It was a lovely idea to introduce a daughter this early on and pretend she is the girl he is with now. Its a clever writing tool and works well as a realistic issue from the past.


Magneto (2014-) 009-000Magneto #9

This book began wildly with Magneto’s character being unrecognisable into a comic that has explored his personality and found its flaws. This is not better demonstrated than in this issue as Erik returns to Genosha and his failings once again come to the forefront. The art is so dark and shadowed and is ideal for the story being told.



Ms. Marvel (2014-) 008-000Ms Marvel #8

Check out my Honour Roll entry at Comicosity!




Spread 003 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Spread #3

This book is slowly carving itself a niche in the creator owned world, as Jordan takes a cliche Mad Max trope and makes it his own. The story is interesting and the adventure is wild, especially the way Strahm draws our protagonists. The world created is so ugly and creepy that you really champion our lead heroes to find some kind of safe haven.



The Superannuated Man 003-000The Superannuated Man #3

The world Ted McKeever has created is so strange and wonderful that it is quite engrossing. I just want to know how the evolutionary path led our main character to become so desolate amongst such ridiculous animal creatures. The art is reasonable and the writing is excellent with some subtle touches of black comedy.



Annihilator 001-000The Annihilator #1

Grant Morrison is always fantastic, not always coherent, but always fantastic. Frazer Irving has such a dark and mysterious look which befits the classic science fiction story Morrison is trying to tell. Irving keeps his characters central and very graphic in the fact that they are expressive and often full of deep angst. With such distinct writing and art, this comic is worth reading for all variety of tastes.


Velvet 007 (2014) (Digital-Empire)001Velvet #7

I have nothing bad to say about this book because the story is fantastic and the art is so beautiful, yet surrounded by murky shadows. It is a nice break from the norm to have the male adversaries take charge and tell their story with regards to Velvet. It makes her story all the more impressive and understandable.



East of West 015-000East of West #15

After a slowed middle to the story, this issue fires on all cylinders in it’s exciting story and impressive art. The message is finally uncovered and we witness The Beast. This character is very well described and his motivations and purpose is quite an exciting prospect.



Sheltered 011-000Sheltered #11

Check my review!




Lazarus_11-1Lazarus #11

This was one of the best issues of the run and we see Rucka make headway with the politics of the family. The turning of the Carlyle son is an interesting concept amongst the background of Forever questioning whether she is a real member of the family. Michael Lark draws a fantastic protagonist and his dark shades bring out the emotional void of the book. There is a lot of exposition to come and I long for it.

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