The Theatre List 17/9 – What didn’t you recommend?

Every week I read a comic and then put into into three piles. It either makes the list or it doesn’t but I also have a third pile for those that I need to re-read to make worthy of a recommendation. This week I had a list of fifteen books and naturally you think you have been unnecessarily generous and maybe you should whittle it down. That defies the point of your initial reactions and cutting for the sake of cutting, but underneath it all there is nothing wrong with going with your gut instinct. So many of these books are on the list because their artwork is so amazing that I could never not want other people to read it, and some have worthwhile stories or excellent characters. And then there are those that are there as important pieces to a not so great story but the comic is essential reading. This week saw so many great books that I am not even going to dwell on the ones that did not make the list. Bring it on!


The Multiversity- The Society of Super-Heroes - Conquerors of the Counter-World (2014-) 001-000The Multiversity – Society of Super-Heroes #1

I am genuinely surprised at the brilliance of the storytelling in this book. It continues in similar vein to the opener of the series as Morrison takes another parallel universe and changes things subtly but importantly to provide a compelling story. It is frazzling my mind at how he does this because so many gimmick stories have come about from the multi universe tome, but this is a great work. The Society of Superheroes are so cool.


Elektra (2014-) 006-000Elektra #6

As much as you will hear me winge about changing artists during the middle of story arcs, I give full credit to Alex Sanchez for providing a new identity for this book, if anything it is less otherworldly and makes the story appear more realistic. I cannot knock Blackman’s storytelling and his angle on Elektra, but what I especially like is the ensemble of characters he has brought to her. It makes for interesting reading.


Daredevil 008-000Daredevil #8

I am contemplating writing a post called, Why Daredevil is the best book out there today. Because Waid and Samnee create the most incredible stories and glorious art week in, week out, but they bring this fantasy element into reality. This one see a bunch of small kids who have the ability to psionically manipulate their surrounds, much like the classic movie Village of the Damned. However they keep it relevant to DD and slowly decrypt the happenings.


Uncanny X-Men (2013-) 026-000Uncanny X-Men #26

There are two reasons why I like this book: Firstly I love how Anka draws emotion and brings a quality that Bachalo just doesn’t. I like the Last Will story of Xavier and how this new mutant is all powerful, I know its repetitive and a little cheesy but its quite exciting to see another intriguing character.



Thor - God of Thunder 025-000Thor #25

A sad and fond farewell to the incredible Esad Ribic. The final page pays testament to the Iconic Art Post I once wrote about the man wielding two hammers. I shall be writing a post about this later. The comic was a great mixture of stories as well as a sad goodbye to the best art Thor has seen in a very long time.



Wolverine and the X-Men (2014-) 009-000Wolverine & the X-Men #9

There is a simple but incredible message at the end of this book. It is that of an end to a mentorship between Quentin and Logan. The story and art were perfectly fine but it was the final page that that resonated with me. The idea that there was never going to be a winner to this relationship, only a loser and to be able to see that takes such growth and maturity from a character we never thought capable of it.


Avengers (2012-) 035-000Avengers #35

I have much to say about this book and I will be reviewing it soon!




00dHulk #6

As much as I don’t like the name Doc Green, I do love this new Hulk character. We may have seen the intelligent Hulk before but I have no idea if we have ever seen him this badass before. His aggression in fighting evil is impressive and Im delighted to see where it goes, it is almost the opposite to Aaron’s Bruce who was decidedly evil for the greater good.


Shutter 006-000Shutter #6

This is such a fun and enjoyable book with brilliant art and colouring. The story is a fantasy come adventurer tale of Kate who is in perpetual shock at her life turning upside down and a return to being a swashbuckler. Oh and this issue sees a dragon!



SatelliteSam_10-1Satellite Sam #10

My love for Chaykin’s art will allow this book to always feature on this list. The Satellite Sam whodunnit is by no means a straightforward story and the players are sometimes difficult to follow. But an appreciation for the way Howard tells the story has to bring delight, but once again it is not to everyone’s taste as it does become quite sordid!


manifest-destiny-10Manifest Destiny #10

I am surprised to the longevity of this book because I did not see it maintaing for this long. The story is reliant on the horrific shock tactics but the characters are what keep it interesting. We are no longer seeing progress in the mystery of the island but how the crew handle quite desperate situations. The artwork is just breathtaking, check my Iconic Art Post if you want to read more:


The Wicked + The Divine 004 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001The Wicked + The Divine #4

I just love Baal because he reminds me so much of Kanye West! There is even a song he made called “I am a God” that would fit perfectly for this opening scenes. As the mystery slowly reveals itself the story becomes quite compelling and we see Luci come into her own. McKelvie is just incredible on this book.



SBRSupreme Blue Rose #3

Tula Lotay’s art is so brilliant and dreamlike that it befits the classical Ellis storytelling strategy. It may appear to be a complete mystery but I find that being forgiving of that lends to truly enjoying the seemingly non linking scenes, especially when the book just looks so incredible.



Clone-020-(2014)-(Digital-Empire)-001Clone #20

I am amazed that I still collect thin book because I always think about dropping it but something always keeps me coming for more. I quite like how the story has made progress and the twists and turns that it involves. I have always had an adoration for Ryp’s refined spot style and his ability to portray anger and distress. I am very pleased the story has been allowed to run its course.


Deadly Class 007 (2014) (Digital-Empire)001Deadly Class #7

This book is fantastic in storytelling and in flowing art. Its brilliance lies in its incredible cast of rogue kids who are just trying to make sense of the world around them. I discuss this in detail in my post last week –


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