The Theatre List 29/10 – Wait! What do you mean no Marvel?

It is true, this is probably the first week since I started this post that I have had no Marvel recommendations. It is not too difficult to imagine given that there were some lacklustre Wolverine legacy books, a couple of Bendis books and some average solo books. All New X-Men has completely frustrated me because I do not like the Ultimate universe and have no interest seeing the young x-men there. The story is far from interesting and I am still frustrated by X-23’s personality transplant. The Guardians Original Sin tie in was a bittersweet story trying to build some emotions into Gamora. Its was fine but once again there was nothing really of interest. Deathlike started solidly but there was not enough mystery to the character but I shall be buying more. Elektra is really suffering with the artist change and the story has become less compelling and more run of the mill. It may be a book I actually drop quite soon. Once again there was not much released to discuss and so the Marvel side of things are the worst of it this week, which comes as a complete surprise.


6_mediumSinestro #6

This book actually made an interesting comment about Sinestro’s leadership and his ability to be quite callous. He appears to be fighting the new Gods suitably and trying to save other lanterns. I quite enjoy the tactics in battle and they make for some excellent character exposition.



Swamp Thing Annual 03 (2014) (Digital-Empire)001Swamp Thing Annual #3

There is one reason why I quite enjoyed this and that was that this issue gives quite a poignant and beautiful end to the character known as Capucine. Her link to Etrigan was quite intriguing and resolved solidly. It was well written and the art was lovely to look at, especially seeing Swampy as corn on the cob!



Wonder Woman (2011-) 035-000Wonder Woman #25

Peep my review!


Low_04-1Low #4

As beautiful as Tocchini’s art is, the subject material can be a little hard to swallow at times. The depravity and immorality is rife and the horror of these themes is well expressed. The story is fantastic and it’s development with the impending twist was so impressively delivered.



Southern Bastards 005-000Southern Bastards #5

I struggle to really believe what happened with old Tubb and had little idea he was dead. The Coach is full on evil and this was demonstrated by his attendance to the funeral. The art is immaculate but I struggle to remove that uneasy feeling about the future of this story. I am just overwhelmingly saddened



Rasputin 001-000Rasputin #1

I shall be reviewing this later but check out Aaron Meyer’s Honour Roll for my brief description –



Black Science 010-000Black Science #10

Once again a wonderfully looking book but the plot was a little stifled. There are some good kid character stories that coupled into the group dynamic but the plot has slowed somewhat.



Saga 024-000Saga #24

This was a better issue plot wise as we saw The Will’s brother come to find his aggressors. I quite enjoyed his character and I am pleases to see Gwendolyn and Sophie together, but most of all I am pleased to see Lying Cat! I have no idea how Fiona Staples managed to show The Will and Stalk having sex.



Wayward 003-000Wayward #3

I am loving the Japanese evil mystical movement. It is very nicely written and there are some great characters involved. The fantasy monsters look great and the battles are quite well drawn. I am impressed that the villains are based on actual mythical tales of Japan!

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