The Theatre List 18/11 – Image brings the terror

As always it has been an interesting week in comics, especially with the new Cap America comic and the return of our favourite bad guy in Batman. However it was slow outside of the independent books. I am going to stop writing about Axis, unless there is an overwhelming positive turn to prevent myself from becoming a repetitive bore. I do like Ales Kot’s estranged writing and for the most it is always exciting, and even though Rudy is a decent accompaniment, I am not really enjoying Winter Soldier’s second issue. It is almost too far out there for me to appreciate. Captain America & the Mighty Avengers was an interesting issue because for the first time I quite liked how Sam has been written in a villain turn. I haven’t been sold on the other comics writing about this but it is delicate twist. Superior Iron Man was not what I expected because I was hoping for a Hickman tie in, but it is more related to current continuity. Once again the villain turn is rather coarse and I was not a fan of the issue. It genuinely surprises me how little of DC I buy any more because I make less comments upon them every week. This can only be a good thing for me and my wallet!


Batman-End-Game-Part-2Batman #36

As much as I love the Joker, I must admit he is far too intelligent in Snyder’s run, to the point where he out foxes Batman. I always thought he was too unpredictable which is why he was such an difficult foe. In any case his return was fantastic and I love his new look.



Batgirl-036-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Batgirl #36

This book is so modernised its almost trying too hard. But it is probably more realistic than you’d want it to be with the social media tabs and the real tech speak. I do like the fashions and styles and I think Tarr does a great job of making the book accessible to younger non comic fans. I wait to see how the new Babs comes along. However fighting biker girls with anime references is cool!


portrait_incredibleSilver Surfer #7

We are now entering stories that are very focused upon Dawn. I do enjoy these because she keeps Norrin grounded and gives him a focal point to see the universe slightly differently, and often in a better light. Allred is brilliant as always as we read a story about how Surfer learnt vulnerability for the love of another person.



DIG031015_2She-Hulk #10

The mystery of a court case is expertly brought out my Charles Soule. The trial of Cap continued and it captured the huge heart of Steve, the professionalism of Murdock and the slightly jovial demeanour of Shulkie. Wonderful work from Pulido throughout.



DIG030911_3Thor #2

I am thoroughly enjoying the new Thor as she thinks to herself in a colloquial way but speaks in classical English. It is almost as if the hammer alters her personality somewhat. Dauterman is being utilised exceptionally well when she is trying to figure out her powers and how to use Mjolnir.



All-New Captain America 001-000All New Captain America #1

This was an exceptionally good issue because it featured the most incredible action sequence from Immonen. The way in which Sam flew and used his shield was so unique and refreshing to see, and I love how his new sidekick is going to be Ian, Cap’s son.



DIG031598_1The Fade Out #3

As with Fatale, you cannot find fault with the creative combination. The writing is suitably ostentatious and depicts the sexism of that era, the art is gloriously film noir and the colouring is befitting the “wonderful” world of Hollywood. The story is making slow headway but the atmosphere is what keeps you hooked.



DIG031582_1Alex + Ada #10

Finally some happiness comes our way! The slow development of Ada has really allowed us to fall for her innocence and become irritated at Alex’s insensitivity. This leads onto genuine joy at seeing some positivity as we see some lovely moments of intimacy, courtesy of Luna.



DIG031594_1Outcast #5

Just so creepy. Azaceta & Breitweiser produce the most incredibly dark world where the demonic possession is so scary. Our central protagonists are our hope but they are so clueless to the power of what lies beneath. As they continue to rescue people, it is clear they have a long way to go. Really compelling work.



DIG031586_1Death Vigil #5

Sejic’s art just keeps me hooked. Even though this issue saw a massive info dump, the final pages set up an amazing looking battle. It is so beautiful to look at, and the story has a really family feel which is odd for a tale of demons and necromancers.



DIG031601_1Wytches #2

The distinction between reality and horror is really played out by Jock. As much as we think out central lead is imagining the monster in the woods, it is the juxtaposition of her regular school day that brings out the terror when she is accosted. Just hideously terrifying.

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