The Theatre List 24 & 31/12 – A double list to end the year!

Technically this is the last post regarding the comics of 2014 and I have combined the two weeks because there was very little last week of note. I was quite frustrated with the X-Men books. I really enjoyed Sorrentino’s art in the All New Annual but the writing just wasn’t there. This led into a rather weak issue of Uncanny. As they try to control this new mutant, Bendis once again uses a time travel arc, which seems ridiculous. The whole of All New and subsequent crossovers was a complete disaster because of time travel, so why resort to it again now? Both Superman and the Flash are finding me weary of stories that I am caring less and less about. The rapid about changes disrespect the characterisation and frustrate me. I guess S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 is supposed to tie into the television show, which is all too common these days. It’s not a bad book in any way but there is nothing special about it. It feels like it is supposed to bring Coulson into the limelight but showing how tactically astute he is an a difficult situation, well in this case that is Armageddon with every hero cameo you can find. If you watch the show then you know that is not why he is amazing. You just need the people he is with and show the people S.H.I.E.LD. uniforms at lease appear like different characters. Ill check out the next issue as I always do. Axis finally finished with a whimper really and aside from Steve working with Skull in an amazingly twee moment, there was nothing impressive outside of a magic reversal spell. Oh well that was far too much money badly spent. But I cannot complain too much because there were so many other decent books!


Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #3 – TMAWYRPDDNLL


Uncanny X-Men #29 – TMAIZIWAZKN9

All New X-Men Annual #1 – NTM5VIUH07UD


Grayson (2014-) - Annual 001-000Grayson Annual #1

This was such a fantastic issue with a covert operation tale set in Ireland. Throughout the story we heard anecdotes and rhetoric that alluded to Grayson’s predicament and the actual plot at hand. Mooney’s art was fantastic and it ended very well indeed with some twists along the way.



Robin Rises - Alpha (2014) 001-000Robin Rises Alpha #1

This is the actual finale to Robin Rises and is a solid book. I do enjoy seeing Damian with powers and I wonder how he will take to them given how arrogant he already is. I do enjoy the love between the family even if it becomes a little cheesy. Great to see Kubert on art again and I think he does Batman better than so many artists.



2014-12-24 03-19-04 - Batman (2011-) - Annual 003-000Batman Annual #3

This was a book by Tynion and accompanies the Joker storyline well. It is another one of those alternate civilian characters and their rapport with the nutcase. It is suitably disturbing and reasonably drawn, even if it is shaded too heavily at times. The plot conclusion is worthy of a disturbing Joker book.



Green Lantern - New Guardians 037 (2015) (Digital-Empire)-000

Green Lantern Annual #3

Now as an ending to a big crossover, this was clever and very well rendered. Tan’s art is suitable for a big hero event as he draws them perfectly well in times of determination. I enjoyed how the arc ended and the repercussions are worthy of some discussion. Perhaps I was just happy to see the gang back together again.



Magneto (2014-) 013-000Magneto #13 – TMA0X53DIQ39

Now this isn’t he best issue of Magneto but it certainly is a unique one. With the advent of pro mutant fan groups, Bunn has taken the opportunity to write a story about the civilians who start hero watching and Magneto chasing. The art is decent and the story is very well told even if we don’t see much of the boss.



Loki - Agent of Asgard 009-000Loki #9 – NTMJHPE9NG36

This completes the tie-in issue to Axis and sees Loki internally reflect as he opposed his brother. Garbett is performing well in showing the epicness of battle and the douchness of Thor. What is interesting here is that due to the inversion their personalities are reversed leading to an exchange of sides, and a hammer just sitting on the moon…



Secret Avengers (2014-) 011-000Secret Avengers #11 – NTMF3692PW2I

The story arc featuring Hawkeye chasing Coulson finally comes to fruition as we have the big Modok reveal. It is the beginning of the end as all characters set up for a final showdown having tried to bear their own demons. I’m so excited for the next issue but Walsh’s raining panels keeps me satisfied until then.



Daredevil (2014-) 011-000Daredevil #11 – TMAKV64AH2T8

As each issue moves steadily into the next, we take for granted how immense Waid and Samnee are on this book. The art is wondrous and I adore the stunt biker and how he riles up Murdock. With another great final panel twist I wonder how this book maintains its excellence.



Black-Widow-012-(2015)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Black Widow #12 – NTMWEXG3CM5S

Well we are back to where we were at the beginning. Is Widow an assassin or and Avenger? Is her private occupation an honourable venture or does she put unnecessary people at risk? She continues to struggle but she looks so fantastic because of Noto’s amazing artwork. This keeps in engrossed but the story really need to move on.



New Avengers (2013-) 028-000New Avengers #28 – NTM7RJEKWAHL

So the S.H.I.E.L.D. Avengers face the Avengers and the Illuminati and there is a fantastic fight with some guest stars and, yes you guessed it, more Avengers! But the twist at the end was worth everything you have read so far. Immaculate story telling by Hickman and yet another shock leaving your mouth gawping at the final page.



She-Hulk (2014-) 011-000She-Hulk #11

This issue saw a good old fight and allowed Pulido to enjoy himself by showing the immense strength of She-Hulk and Titania. We are finally beginning to get a peek at the blue file too. This comic was just a giant battle with less of a story but more of a realisation of friendship. I am sad this book is ending but it has been so entertaining throughout.


Abigail and the Snowman 001-000Abigail & the Snowman #1

Roger Langridge is a stalwart children’s artist with beautiful and simple emotional expression. I discussed his art on the Cover of the Week post here:



Revival 026 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Revival #26

It sometimes escapes our attention because we forget the bonds between father daughter sisters but every now and again we are reminded of it. The art is always great and the story is making the slowest of headways. You will notice the book doesn’t always feature in this list because it barely moves but I love the artwork.



Rasputin 003-000Rasputin #3

Not the best issue of the three but it does pave a way to explaining Rasputin’s gifts and what they entail. The story enters the mystical and inconceivable but it is draw beautifully as ever. It begins to unravel the events of his murder attempt. Also the cover is wonderful.



Black Science 011-000Black Science #11 

Just a beautiful issue to look at and to read, and we finally get to see Grant or should I say Grants. The family and friend ties are strained as ever as they try to avoid defeat and jump together once more. The multiple universe stories are coming together as we start to learn how they can escape their predicament.



Mind MGMT 029-001Mind MGMT #29 

I do struggle to read this in individual issues because I forget the subtleties of the story. However Meru confronting the Eraser was amazing well drawn, especially for a psychological battle. I love Kindt’s art and the way he colours and every issue is a joy to read, even if I don’t always understand it.

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