The Theatre List 1/7 – Who needs reboots and crossovers?

Who needs reboots when the independent world of comics is flying so incredibly high with yet again some fantastic endings and new beginnings. I don’t need to go into these particular titles because they are all listed below but I wanted to make special mention of Ricardo Delgado’s Age of Reptiles book. It is rare to see such as well drawn and fluid comic based just upon animals. It is quite realistic too with the weak falling to the strong, dashing your hopes, and the emotion is quite raw. The Secret Wars tie-ins have been a weak bag this week with X-tinction Agenda, Future Imperfect, Years of Future Past, Secret journal, and Ultimate End all being quite unremarkable. Red Skull was an interesting twist on a classic theme and it may prove interesting yet, but the books that started well continue to be decent. DC had some oddities of late: I still struggle to really enjoy the Bizarro interpretation but I can see how it might develop in time, but the art is comedically strong. Detective Comics was a troubled read as I still remain unconvinced at Gordon’s take on Batman, especially because he does not seem very good at it. I appreciate it is a learning curve and quite realistic but it isn’t really a Batman book, or a Gotham book which is the problem. Bullock’s story is still waiting to really get out of the blocks. Similarly to Green Lantern which has failed to convince me Hal is anything more than a lantern who is trying to save the Corps, like he always does. Phew! I think that is enough of that so take some time to enjoy the quality that was released this past week.

Marvel Codes

Secret Wars: Future Imperfect #2 – FMCQ65TQTZIS

the unbeatable Squirrel Girl #7 – FMCG391EN4LE

Secret Wars: Years of Future Past #2 – FMC0L57G8EEJ

Darth Vader #7 – NTMR9ZV5HXLK


DIG060378_2Action Comics #42

I only trust Greg Pak to deliver a Kent of worthy compassion, vulnerability and humility. Action Comics has been providing us with a Clark who is quite self aware and now is rationalising his change in powers. This level of introspection is what Kal-El really needs and if you throw in some big monsters and pacifism, you will see Superman like never before.


DIG060035_3A-Force #2 – FMCQCGP3PQ1E

It may not completely carry on in the same vein as the first issue but the writing and characterisation is still great. This time the super ladies are attempting to cross worlds and protect a fallen hero, who has far more power than they realise. I hope they are able to dedicate the time they need to this story because it is certainly worthwhile.



DIG060549_2Secret Wars: Giant-Size Little AvX Marvel #2 – FMCUXBREVZ01

This is just a brilliantly funny comic book with hilarious referential jokes and an entertaining story to boot. It focuses on any reason why the Avengers and X-Men should fight and Skottie Young is thoroughly enjoying watching them do so. I particularly love the secret treehouse bases.



DIG059667_2Secret Wars #4 – FMDT2MS3XY1C

Once again Hickman has us all scrambling for breath as the final twist come from nowhere. The way in which the older character fit into the new Battleworld scenario is well managed and fantastically written. Most importantly Doom and Strange are both suitably well characterised and their interactions are completely believable.


The Spire 01-000The Spire #1

This was a great opening issue and as the cover was just phenomenal. The interior colours are not quite the same and I feel it lets the art down a little. However the story of an authority in a feudal-esque empire is very well crafted by Spurrier, so much so that it has his own particularly unique creative stamp on it.



DIG061111_2Deadly Class #14

Now this book has hit an interesting new status quo, one similar to the very origin of the book full of betrayal and teenage misunderstanding. I worry we are entering a repetitive cycle and the theme will take their time to hit a reasonable resolution. In any case the art is fantastic and the book is still amazingly written.



DIG061117_2Outcast #10

This comic really brings out the despair and sadness of it’s main character. Even though we have yet to truly unveil the secrets of the demonic possessions and Kyle’s real gifts, the emotional toll is heavy on every page. Stunning writing and art throughout.



DIG061125_2We stand on guard #1

I have somewhat mixed feelings about this book because as an opener, it is very compelling. Skroce’s art is a gem, especially his facial profiling. The writing and exposition on Canadian/American politics is very heavy handed and purposefully so and takes away from the sincerity of the book. However it is certainly worth reading and a very intriguing setup.


DIG061126_2Zero #18

I will fully admit I have become lost with this book and really need to re-read through the issues, especially when the fungus took hold. However Tula Lotay’s art is simply a gorgeous fit for Ales Kot’s incredibly esoteric brain and the book is seamless. It is a joy to read through.



DIG061123_2The Wicked + The Divine #12

I was a little dismayed to not see McKelvie on this issue, but I have discussed artist continuity many a time on this post. However the story about the journalists was well told and surprisingly well drawn with a decent interpretation of Bal. The camera interview and fight scene during this comic was quite impressive with excellent use of pannelling for motion. Kudos to Kate Brown!


Chew 050-000Chew #50

Check my review:




DIG061119_2Satellite Sam #15

This saw the final issue of the title and reminded me of how strange a place this comic inhabited. The sensuous and erotic pencils of Chaykin are rarely seen in comics and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Don’t get me wrong the writing and plot was convoluted and difficult to follow at times, but for what it was, Chaykin did a helluva job.

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