The Theatre List 15/7 – Missing the good old fashioned Marvel heroes

I tweeted this earlier this week:

I got some interesting responses but there was a fair amount of agreement and it was all put down to event fatigue. That is somewhat half correct because it isn’t the event that I am tired of, I quite like some of the books but I just miss the classic stuff. I do not wish to continue reading so many variations on the classical themes but also some of the normal world tie-ins are a little forced. This was certainly the case for Silver Surfer, which for the first time has not made this list. Both Captain Marvel and Years of Future Past were reasonable reads but not really impressive enough to warrant making the list, this was probably more due to the story development than the art. In fact the Ant-Man annual was the closest thing to a Marvel home this week, but I might have enjoyed that because I went to see the movie earlier today, which I quite liked. Robin Son of Batman was an average book with a new character but it felt odd and a little contrived, despite great art. I was quite surprised at how uninteresting Trees has become, especially when it showed so much promise. I quite liked the multiple situational character stories but few reached resolution and the people seemed to have just died. This second arc just feels completely alien and significantly less stimulating, it is a shame because the art is still decent. On the whole quite a quiet week, but at least we finally got to read Island.

Marvel Codes

Secret Wars: Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #2 – THMQCGBHE227

Secret Wars: Years of Future Past #3 – FMCLG2Q5HH9J

Secret Wars: Hail Hydra #1 – FMCW1R2V6C0H

Silver Surfer #13 – FMCS3P1RILUP


Justice League (2011-) 042-000Justice League #42

I am thoroughly enjoying Johns taking charge in a mind blowing epic book with Fabok at the helm. The characters look great and the New Gods don’t seem as out of place as they did with the Lanterns. Especially with the actual mind blowing twist at the end.


Planet Hulk 003-000Planet Hulk #3 – THMCLYRBYGUS

I do enjoy the feel of this book and the gamma infected world is toxic and thoroughly bleak. The gamma animals are cool and I am impressed at how Laming is trying to draw each life form with a Hulk twist. The Doc Green Rogers friendship is proving quite the development.

Ant-Man Annual 01-000Ant-Man Annual #1 – FMCA48U89WI2

This was a great little story of the relationship between Scott and Hank with some humours moments as you would expect with Nick Spencer. The story maybe pretty low key but the actual dialogue and emotional moments were lovely to read. 

Hawkeye (2012-2015) 022-000Hawkeye #22 – FMC9I613QQML

Check my review! There is nothing special about Clint Barton


Island-001-(2015)-(Digital)-(Mephisto-Empire)-001Island #1

This has been billed as a magazine and not really a comic as Brandon Graham presents a number of artists on sequential stories. His work and Emma Rios are gorgeous and so fantastic to see again. The prose of a mentor of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s is quite sweet and nicely written. It represents a great variety of top quality work and I look forward to the next issue.

STK677405empty zone #2

Another great issue from Jason Shawn Alexander building on a thrilling opener. His art is quite exciting as well as terrifying with a horrid fight sequence. I am very impressed with his ability to portray a fight as well as the usual visceral gritty reality.

Book of Death - Digital Exclusives Edition 001-000Book of Death #1

I am not very au fait with Valiant and it’s characters but I quite enjoyed the story and the dialogue between these powered individuals. Plus it is always an exciting to see scarily intense children, especially when they can control insects!

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