Cover of the Week 12/8 – Planet Hulk #3 by Mike Del Mundo

Planet Hulk 004-000aAs if you even needed to look to see who drew the cover to this comic. Del Mundo’s rich combination of artistic imagination and clear expression is in a world of its own. Plant Hulk is an intriguing book in that everyone is gamma powered and so there has to be someone controlling the inevitable chaos and devastation or it would be rather a pointless story. The giant hand is likely to represent Dr Doom and the shackles controlling the Hulks is unlike anything you have ever seen involving the word Hulk. It is a hark back to prisoner manual work as the brutes hack, smash and carry massive rocks while they carve out the name of the planet. It is quite symbolic how the Hulks are controlled which is normally nigh on impossible, but the giant hand gives an impression that there is an immense power upon high. They are not only subverted but told what to do and the chains are not just restraints but puppet strings. The Hulks are physically being directed without the usual reflex emotional anger we have come to expect. That is the level of power that this enigmatic hand possesses and in turn becomes quite intimidating. The beautiful shading and white inking provides great texture, giving the Hulks a unique colour and the fingers ever so subtle wrinkles. As it relates to Secret Wars, this cover gives new meaning to the words, “Hulk is strongest there is”, because not only is there more than one Hulk but none of them are the strongest there is.

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