The Theatre List 19/8 – Nothing lasts forever

It is quite odd how some books just fall out of favour and for not always the obvious reasons. I am quite saddened at Robin: Son of Batman because it is supposed to be the follow on from Batman and Robin, which I have always spoken so highly of. The story is very much lacking and very banal, I never imagined Tomasi was so integral to the plot. I have such little interest and more scarily, starting to care less about Damian. Trees was an exceptionally well told and drawn story about many different people’s lives revolving around the tree invasions. Now it is just a boring story about a corrupt politician and a personality-less scientist. This book builds into my thoughts about Warren Ellis being unable to complete an initially compelling story. ASM Renew Your Vows was also classic Slott where an interesting idea of Parker abandoning the Avengers, just becomes an average story about a broken hero being inspired by his child without any intellectual rationalising. Wolf started well last month but this latest issue was rather simple and not filled with the complex ideas you’d expect from Ales Kot. It is by no means a bad comic but is far from interesting unless you like the arcane tropes. And I really do wish someone would just explain Stray Bullets to me….

Marvel Codes

Secret Wars: Amazing Spider-Man Renew your Vows #4 – FMC9U54IBPYP


Justice League #43

I have been waiting for a decent Geoff Johns epic story for a while and I am glad it is finally here. It does drop the ball on a couple of occasions, particularly with the new God Batman, but on the whole it is a great story with some interesting character interactions such as Clark and Lex. Faber does a great job on bringing the grandiosity.


DIG062586_2Secret Wars: Weirdworld #3 – THMGAAZVPVXI

My favourite part of this book is rapidly becoming the terribly childish maps that Del Mundo draws so well. The rest is only just amazing. This book embodies the spirit of Secret Wars because it is so far removed from Doom and the Marvel universe that you could believe it a book standing completely separate from the rest.

DIG062576_2Secret Wars: House of M #1 – FMC24YRPHQI2

The premise of this book is potentially a difficult one because they really have separated out people with mutant powers and those with powers from other sources. This is a massive stumbling block but I do enjoy reading the story of a family of Royal’s and their mutant guard.

DIG062580_2Loki: Agent of Asgard #17 – THMB44JYSK0R

This was rather a sweet book as Loki goes meta…again. The mind still boggles who the Gods of Gods are but it was entertaining to see the trickster at work again. This issue was sentimental and quite sweet, not what you would normally expect from Ewing and Garbett.


DIG063330_2Island #2

The art work in this book is worth the price alone. Every single artist performs amazingly with some of the most intricate work, especially from William Kirkby. It does seem though that the stories take second place over the art, but I am quite happy with that in this magazine.

DIG063328_2Empty Zone #3

This book has lost its way in someway with respect to the plot but the art is incredibly emotional and guttural. The splash page shooting is a beautiful single panel and enough to keep me reading.

DIG063335_1Revival #32

It feels like we have been subtly building to this story for a long time. The sibling rivalry finally comes to a head and in quite dramatic circumstances. I think this book has run its course and needs to end quite soon.

DIG062637_1Hip Hop Family Tree #1

Check Aaron Meyer’s Honour Roll!!!


Book of Death - Digital Exclusives Edition 002-000Book of Death #2

This was a thoroughly enjoyable book because the the way the three assassins become embroiled with the Eternal Warrior is very well depicted. The big secret about the child geomancer is something that keeps me intrigued and desperate to know more.

DIG063331_2Manifest Destiny #16

When I thought they would find intelligent indigenous species on this island, I never imagined them to be talking birds. The book still manages to pique my interest after all this time because it is not about what secrets they’ll find but the exploration itself.

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