Cover of the Week 26/8 – Fight Club 2 #4 by David Mack


David Mack is one of those special artists in comics that appeared to have began far away from the media, but when he carried out his composition and collages just took it to heights unknown. This piece is a lovely example of that because the stunning watercolours are enhanced by the use of real mesh as a wedding veil and dress. This is another example of his creativity because his Kabuki books utilised many effects to breakdown the page and direct the story. I like to think it works very well but it probably wouldn’t if the underlying artistic ability was not so phenomenal. His colouring is of most significant as he uses darker purples to represent the shade and delicately outlines her shoulder in the light with small amounts of pink. As you look at her face you can see the small refined details of the eye seen and completely absence in the dark, and it feels completely natural. Her torso is amazing with colours all merging together at the contours of her chest, seeming exaggerative but completely seamless. It is similar with the hair as erratic as it may seem, the essence of the hair is still there but disappears off under a veil. Her posture also speaks volumes as she looks forward and down with a solemn look, and a touch of her shoulder contemplating her coming days. David Mack has the uncanny ability to create the feel of a character in an incredibly complex way that resounds in simplicity.

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