The Theatre List 2/9 – If it wasn’t for the man without fear…

…this would have been quite a dull week. For a start there were few comics out and only a couple truly shone. The problems I have with Lazarus persist in that I have no feelings for any of the characters and felt nothing at the “surprise’ return of Forever. The group of soldiers she was commanding are proving quite interesting as they move forward with incredible bravery. Ill keep on mainly because of them and the stellar work Lark produces each and every time. I have really come to dislike We Stand on Guard with a relatively indulgent premise and unbelievable dialogue. Skroce has some quality art even though his woman are a little too perfect. I am unsure whether I shall be picking up the next issue. Plutona was a new start for Image with Lemire, Lenox and Belliare and was a solid opener. I felt a slight disconnect with the world of superheroes and children’s dreams becoming shattered. I think this will resolve itself in the coming issues but the dialogue was well written. Note how my initial comments focus on greater owned work because I picked up very few of the minimal DC and Marvel books. This transition period is dragging and needs some revamping quick. And I honestly have no idea what Silver Surfer was about.

Marvel Codes

Secret Wars: Silver Surfer #14 – THM7U4L98IG6

Secret Wars: Spider-Island #3 – THM2FBQQ0PEK


DIG063135_3._SX640_QL80_TTD_Detective Comics #44

Though this book features a ridiculous Joker robot, the rest of the plot was sound. Harvey Bullock was brilliant in his handling of traitors and betraying friends and I enjoyed that part of the story immensely. The rest I could take or leave.


DIG063192_2._SX640_QL80_TTD_Daredevil #18 – THM53M33IEA3

Check out my review! A farewell letter to Daredevil


DIG063189_1._SX640_QL80_TTD_Secret Wars: Thors #3 – THMVXX2WRHBC

That double page splash of Loki and Thor at opposite ends of an interrogation table is enough to justify the money on this book. The story has trundled along but the art and wonderfully drawn Thors is waiting for the big conclusion.

DIG063182_2._SX640_QL80_TTD_Secret Wars: House of M #2 – THMW05LECT9K

Even though it seemed incredible easy for Hawkeye and friends to invade the royal palace, I enjoyed the confrontation with Magneto and interesting twist. I quite like Failla’s simple and succinct artistic lines making every character look different.


DIG064009_1._SX640_QL80_TTD_8House #3 Kiem

This book is stunning. A post apocalyptic space industrial fantasy drawn beautifully by Xurxo Penalta, worthy of the pencil of Brandon Graham himself. The story is full of the classic sci-fi suspense where reality is not quite what it seems but it is well told.

DIG064010._SX640_QL80_TTD_Casanova Acedia #4

This is becoming such a wonderful little book as we delve into the background of one of our key characters. It is a play on Nazi Germany and the hidden children of the war. The art is fantastic but it the colouring that really bears the parlance of the time.

DIG064012_1._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Dying and the Dead #3

Hickman has stated at the end of this book that the initial big bumper issues have ruined their schedule and cannot continue the book until next year. Nonetheless the Indiana Jones-esque villains discover and betray themselves chasing an ancient powerful artefact. Bodenheim monochromatic faces are superbly expressive as always.

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