The Theatre List 16/9 – The Secret War of Attrition

I would be remiss if I didn’t reflect the growing discontent amongst comic fans with the lingering Secret Wars books. I understand the idea and the overarching Hickman story but it is taking far to long and most of the tie ins have ended quite unimpressively or have dragged to a standstill. House of M is a perfectly competent comic with solid story and art but is completely banal whilst The Infinity Gauntlet featured a conniving Thanos finally turn with little drama. Spider-Island and Age of Apocalypse were of a similar vein showing little excitement or originality. Even these basic staples of comics are just not enough to keep us happy whilst we wait so many months for the universe to reboot. In other companies, I was surprised to see The Fade Out not make the list because it is normally so difficult to follow without re-reading. However this issue was straightforward and not overly impressive plotwise, despite having great art. Rat Queens was completely confused with stories and sub-plots poorly scattered thought out and some difficult to follow panels. The transitions within the fight scenes were particularly weak. Last and definitely not least is Sex Criminals, which will be the last issue I buy. The serious undertones of the book have completely subsided to reveal more and more ridiculous sex based imagery and absurd fantasy. I have no interest in a cum fairy whatsoever.

Marvel Codes

Secret Wars: House of M #3 – THMCEDT6638M

Secret Wars: The Infinity Gauntlet #4 – THMDG1YKSGN8


Bizarro-004-(2015)-(Digital-Empire)-001Bizzaro #4

Even though Bizzaro is nothing like the chap we know and sometimes love, the comedic element to the story and the wonderful artwork by Duarte has got to me. I did enjoy the delightful twist on Zatanna’s magic in that Bizarro was able to cast spells because he speaks backwards.


268494._SX640_QL80_TTD_Secret Wars: Journal #5 – THMN9SAYAEL7

The Soska sisters produced an inventive and stunning story about the classic Night nurse character. The situation of SW has provided some creators an outlet for inventiveness and that was certainly the case here with a dark twist and great art throughout. Alexovich’s story was a little farfetched but featured an overwhelmingly optimistic cutesy LMD trying to convince territories of the glory of Doom!

268479._SX640_QL80_TTD_Secret Wars: Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #11 – THMCCNL6SCQV

I am not entirely sure what happened in this issue, but all I know is that a happy ending is great for everyone. I have rather enjoyed both Foss and Rudy spending time together on this comic and thematically it has worked excellently with the plot.


tokyo_ghost_001_001Tokyo Ghost #1

I mean I liked the art on Wake and Chrononauts but they never reached the dizzy heights of Punk Rock Jesus. The futuristic world that Murphy can create is phenomenal in detail, in character and in design. The story aint half bad either, even though this is clearly not how the rest of the title will run.

286515._SX640_QL80_TTD_Shutter #15

This issue became a little meta when it featured a drug trip into the real world! The story is still not coming together but the latter half featuring the sub plot of the lion family was amazingly well written and gorgeously drawn.

286485._SX640_QL80_TTD_Manifest Destiny #17

Just when you thought you had seen it all, this book surprises you once again. What impresses me though is the slow burn feel to it because the ghastlies they encounter only become more and more terrifying. The deep textures to the colouring really make it stand out and a joy to read every month.

Age of Reptiles - Ancient Egyptians 004-001-028Age of Reptiles #4

Check out my entry for this week’s Cover of the Week.


286475._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Island #3

The front page and first story has some of the most astounding abstract art you can imagine and is certainly a great opener to the magazine. My favourite story was created by my namesake and was a heartfelt piece on love, loss and coping.

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