The Theatre List 23/9 – Walking that creator owned path

So I cannot say the same thing I have been saying every week, because that would make me as dull as the books that have come out each week from DC and Marvel. To be fair this is a little harsh as there were some decent books this week and the strong runners are still running strong. Years of Future Past finished this week quite weakly but it asked the question about whether the survival of the mutant race was worthwhile, problem is that they didn’t quite answer the question very well. This was similar to Inhumans which could have been quite an interesting book but they pulled the plug a little early and ended in a repetitive time loop. The addition of a little twist led to neither a big or a clever ending. I actually read Sinestro this week after falling from the book a few months ago. The Saint Walker storyline would have had me interested if it didn’t feature Lobo because his character has depth in it alone to make it worthy of an issue. I still just want to see Walker back to his positive self. Flash was yet another non event and the less said about it the better. Otherwise I quite enjoyed the rest of the books I read, as long as they are from the creator owned world!


Grayson-012-(2015)-(Digital-Empire)-001Grayson #12

Beautiful…ill be reviewing this book later this week.


272903._SX640_QL80_TTD_We Are Robin #4

This book finally managed to capture the heart of the Robin collective, not only in their worth to society but about how they grieve the loss of one of their own. The addition of Batgirl actually makes sense in this situation. The art was quirky and simplistic as it needed to be.


Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps (2015-) 004-000Captain Marvel & the Marvel Corps #4

This was a fantastic issue as DeConnick takes her characters into the unknown limitations of Secret Wars. It was an excellent issue, well paced, well written with likeable and distinct characters all joining up with Danvers with vigour and fortitude.

Weirdworld (2015-) 004-000Weirdworld #5

This book maintains its irregularity and disjointedness but does it in incredible style. We may not know much about Arkon but we feel his plight. The double page splashes are breathtaking and just builds the anticipation for the finale.


Nameless-005-(2015)-(Digital)-(Mephisto-Empire)-001Nameless #5

Just when you seem to lose all contact with the story it pulls you back in. This certainly will read better as a trade but the terror element to it is quite scary. Burnham’s art is wonderful and he puts his immaculate detailing to incredible use.

Empty Zone 004 (2015) (Digital-Empire)001empty zone #4

The crazed futuristic landscape is only matched by the stunningly ethereal artwork. The plot is making interesting headway but the realism of the main character’s robot arm is quite alarming at times.

Book of Death - Digital Exclusives Edition 003-000Book of Death #3

As a new reader to Valiant, the Geomancer story seems to pervade throughout this universe but this story ramps it up to a higher level. The animal artistry, especially when demonically possessed is worth the price alone. The plot is exciting and making decent headway.

00Manhattan Projects #3

The Sun Beyond the Stars has become a different feel to the usual book. Saying that all we have really done is switched Feyman and Einstein for Yuri and Laika, and now let the aliens do the betraying. It is fantastically hilarious still with wonderful art.

The Spire 03-000The Spire #3

After a couple issues you eventually grasp the happenings of a Spurrier world and this comic is no different. The alien environments and feudal setup now feels normal which is when they push the story onwards in impressive style. It feels like an episode of Dr Who and is great.

Invisible Republic 006-000Invisible Republic #6

The beginning of the second arc begins as enigmatically as the first. The first appearance of Arthur McBride brings shivers down the spine. That is where this comic has succeeded so well, in bringing mythos to a character we have rarely seen.

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