The Theatre List 30/9 – Slim pickings

This has to be the first time in the history of this post that there are more DC books than Marvel. Though there only being three in total brings sad news to the big two because they are really both floundering in their bid to modernise. There were only a handful of books released in any case and we are obviously waiting for the next Marvel reboot. E for Extinction had a solid ending but nothing overtly exciting for it to make these recommendations. Superman had a rather weak issue and I think the creators have missed the subtle character points that Action has been slowly developing. His transition to being a weaker powered individual with a public persona is being handled poorly in this title and is more reactive than developmental. I generally was not a fan of the Batman annual, not because of the artwork but because of the average story of a clever amnesiac Bruce overcoming the odds of a trio of supervillians. I guess it is a nice idea but really does nothing to further the character, especially as the Riddler only hints at knowing his real identity. The creator owned world was better but still little quiet. Spread and Sons of the Devil were both well drawn and had solid stories but nothing to be excited about. I find Sons of the Devil very odd in its realistic lifestyle intermingled with a potential supernatural tinge. Morning Glories is still difficult to follow and Revival remains a well written and drawn book without any excitement but this issue had some nice personal development. Anyway there were a few books to recommend but this is a very slow week with no action hardly at all.

Marvel Codes

Secret Wars: E for Extinction #4 – THMBYAHCGPN9


Grayson (2014-) - Annual 002-000Grayson Annual #2

This was a great annual book with Dick continuing his Gotham visit with a surprise reunion with Clark. They worked well together and the story had some delightful little touches from their past culminating in a great action sequence. Great art from Martinez.

Justice League (2011-) 044-000Justice League #44

You must start off by discussing how incredible Fabok makes superheroes look. There is a grandiosity to this book that must be acknowledged. The story has crescendoed into a fantastic finale and the twists are so enjoyable. It is good to not be disappointed with a big event.


Hail Hydra (2015-) 003-000Secret Wars: Hail Hydra #3 – THMSR6ZQ8362

This is quite interesting in that the story has moved on to yet another parallel universe story. It still focuses around the Zola/Rogers dynamic but this time New York is under Arnim’s control. The characters are broken and fragile and in a classic Rogers-esque fashion, the determination to go on is all important.


Sandman Overture 6 01Sandman Overture #6

Check out my Cover of the Week and Iconic Writing Post from this past week!


Rasputin 009-000Rasputin #9

This story is making very interesting headway and the slow reveals of Rasputin’s mystery powers are quite fantastical. I am enjoying the origins of his power and the slow reveals of how he escaped the jaws of death in Russia. Rossmo is so wonderful on art.

Stray Bullets - Sunshine & Roses 008-000Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses #8

This is a a rarity for this list but I am still reading Stray but, as I have tweeted before, I don’t really understand it. It is a strange 80s world full of deceit and drugs with the small fresh shoots of love trying to make an appearance. Kretch is a pyscho and the way he investigates how his friends are lying to him is quite terrifying. The art is surprisingly expressive given its simplicity.

Book of Death- The Fall of Harbinger - Digital Exclusives Edition 001-000Book of Death: Fall of Harbinger #1

If it was not for the literally insanely imaginative art I probably would not be recommending this book. The idea that a character has such mind bending, universe altering powers that the world is under threat is not novel, but looks fantastic. Plus you gotta love the bleeding monk.

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