Cover of the Week 14/10 – I Hate Fairyland #1 variant by Skottie Young

I hate fairyland #1 variantI am not sure if this is called the Fuck variant but it certainly should be! Whatever your thoughts are about swearing children, whether you find them cute or badly parented, they are normally very amusing. Skottie Young has always drawn beautiful children caricatures for Marvel and focuses on the humour and subtitles of the character to entertain. That philosophy has been thrown out of the window for this comic and especially for this comic. That is not to say that it is shock value for shock value’s sake, there is a perfectly good story at hand here. That comes into play here as the classical child character with cute clothes and bounding hair is certainly broken. Her clothes are torn, her hair is fraying and her teeth are missing. The plasters on her giant hands are further evidence of her difficult existence directing your eyes straight to the middle finger gesture. It is the clear features of childhood, even the colouring that make the swearing all the more emphatic but on closer inspection there is more story here than you would initially expect. Young is not taking his well versed artwork and twisting it in a very adult way and it is throughly entertaining to read.

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