Cover of the Week 4/11 – Barb Wire #5 by Adam Hughes


I really wanted to take this opportunity to talk about Adam Hughes’ art and this cover was a perfect example of it. Hughes draws women in the majority and depicts them incredibly attractive with immense amounts of sex appeal. Where his art differs from many sexualised women is that he has a fundamental grasp of how to develop an allure from his subject material. Quite often we speak out against the artists that insist on voluptuous figures and exaggerative bosoms, but Hughes avoids that criticism to a degree. In this image, Barb Wire is slender and curvaceous but not ridiculously so. Her outfit is obviously akin to erotica, but I would not state anymore than the average superhero outfit. Adam shades with great realism and is a master of expression which is another attribute that lends to his penchant for seduction. Barb Wire is clearly acting with vicious intent and the gritting of her teeth reflects that, as well as adding a dash of psychosis. The composition of this page is why this is the cover of the week as we peer through the bullet hole of a door. We take the role of the bail jumper as we peer through to see her leaping across guns in hand, with a delectably aggressive speech bubble. The sense of perspective is attained by the blurred nature of the borders of the door and the chain bearing the name of the comic. It is quite the fear inducing image but as you would expect Barb looks beautiful if not terrifyingly aggressive.

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