Cover of the Week 11/11 – All New Hawkeye #1 by Sanford Green


I am always excited by the new Marvel covers, no more so than this past one because of this page. I am unsure how many people will recognise the album it is from, but the most famous track from it is They Reminisce Over You. Mecca and the Soul Brother was released in the early nineties, when I was only reaching double figures of age, so I imagine most readers will have no idea about the brilliance of this work. Pete Rock will be regarded as one of the greatest hiphop producers of all time, and this represented a more melodic and relaxing form of the music. Greene carried out an amazing task in emulating it. The symbol is particulate apt as it is relatively easy to homage and as the only appearance of colour, it really pops out. The switching of cars to those in the comic is a great idea as well as the personalised number plate. The greatest part of this cover is the nonchalant coolness which was completely apparent in the original. The sunglasses is a good effect and the poses are spot on, even with bows in hands. Green has a perfect outline as he rendered the black and white image but adds the clear lines of the care and figures. The facial expressions are delicately carried out. As I said before these covers are immensely personal to me and in the combining of of two of the biggest loves in my life, I couldn’t ask for more (from a cover!).


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