The Theatre List 11/11 – What to say, what to say…

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm what shall I say this week that I haven’t recently. I feel like I am in a permanent time loop and every list is the same. Let us make this quick shall we? ANAD Avengers was a nice setup issue, read more like an issue 0 but there is certainly some promise but I was hoping more for a team dynamic. Uncanny Avengers was perfectly fine but had no interesting plot points and I find Stegman’s art quite crowded, an odd contrast to his Spidey. I don’t think there was inherently anything amiss with All New Wolverine but it touched an odd base, simultaneously having a father daughter dream sequence and a love angle. I still think I struggle with the sweet teen X-23 but that is very much my own issue. Illuminati needs time to build especially considering the name it is upholding, which was essentially the best Avengers book over the past few years. I think all these issues need time to find their feet and the additional twist is there purely for the fans that Marvel think, have no patience for their books. We all appreciate building takes time and the best books will shine no matter. This is a lesson they should have learnt by now. My lack of interest in amnesiac Bruce, Bat-buns, and Bloom make Batman a difficult book to sell. Once again the creator owned scene was buzzing with some books finally making their return!

Marvel Codes

Secret Wars: The Infinity Gauntlet #5 – THMZ2HSYIISI

Web Warriors #1 – THMBEC6MVVLB

Carnage #1 – THMN2WYV1MM5

Illuminati #1 – THMSHV7SAUNF

All New Wolverine #1 – THMZHQC1HTQI

All New All Different Avengers #1 – THM54FE4CDK7

Uncanny Avengers #2 – THMVXMG61QNH


300380._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Darkseid War: Green Lantern #1

The combination of Tom King and Doc Shaner was always going to lead to an impressive comic. The idea of a God and free will is superficially discussed and develops into an interesting conclusion of Hal, the lanterns and the Mother Box. Shaner is amazing in the way he slings his ring.


303209._SX640_QL80_TTD_Secret Wars #7 – THMWI0GDQ689

Despite them obviously forced building T’Challa into the big hero, the book was fun and beautiful. The story is moving faster…for what that is worth but it does feel like all the big heroes making an appearance together just because Doom lied…shocker!

304470._SX640_QL80_TTD_Thors #4 – THMPU9AYB7V3

It is good to see someone on Doom’s side as he tries to convince the world of his omnipotence. The secret being held is fundamental to the detective story this has been and I enjoyed how well it was revealed. The different Thors coming together actually felt quite natural and their personalities were well written.

303174._SX640_QL80_TTD_All New Hawkeye #1 – THMAJSRRRM08

Amazing what can be done when the artwork and story are consistent and coherent. Perez is great in this book but the future storyline colouring by Herring is brilliant. I have no problem with seeing Old Man Batron, but the story is every so slightly forced and I am not entirely convinced by their relationship from the first arc.


309777._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Wicked + The Divine #16

It was great to finally see The Morrigan incarcerated and how well she handles the conversation with Baal. The writing was very good in this issue and I quite liked her relationship with Baphomet and thus their origin. Leila was surprisingly consistent and expressive this issue, I sat that not as an insult but her Shutter work is very much fantastical and fun.

309747._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Goddamned #1

To think I had no idea what this book was about but as soon as I picked it up it became obvious. The story of Noah and Cain is twisted to deliver this tale of the worst of mankind, before the floods came. r.m. Guera is just brilliantly and hideously violent on this issue and fits perfectly with the theme.

309467._SX640_QL80_TTD_Descender #7

I was quite happy to see this book make a return and especially because Lemire has managed to succinctly establish the world in which these characters inhabit. The first run was focused on Tim and little else in reality but now we have a set of antagonists and protagonists with some hope on the horizon. Nguyen is amazing all the way.

307552._SX640_QL80_TTD_Diesel #3

Tyson Hesse has created a loveable but cheeky main character in Dee. Her lovely expressions depict exactly how she is feeling and her interactions with other characters flesh out her personality. The story is quite interesting too for a seemingly straightforward space pirate genre.

309737._SX640_QL80_TTD_Southern Bastards #12

Who even remembered this kid?! This issue harks back to that crushing moment when the innocence was lost and Tubb was sparked into action. The artwork was lovely on this issue and it kept the Southern Bastards theme throughout.

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