Cover of the Week 18/11 – Thor #1 by Russell Dauterman

Thor Dauterman

I have to say I am a sucker for a great group composition piece, especially one that shows all the cast that have been involved with the book since it’s recent inception. I do take issue with Thor having a strangely enlarged right arm, not just in size but in length and I am convinced the perspective is a little skewed. The necessity is easily understood as the inscription on Mjolnir is fundamental to the legacy Aaron is building. The artwork is sublime as Dauterman has a beautiful line with clarity and conviction. He delivers a lovely distinctive effect whereby he draws the outline of character’s hair and then Wilson actually shades it, leaving the thin black outline only to the overall shape. There is an interesting contrast which is pertinent in this particular issue, and that is the meek and frail frame of Jane centrally whilst the giant and muscly Thor is behind her. They are the same character but at opposing ends of health. The Odinson is pictured to the right of Jane with his back towards the reader looking behind him, highlighting his continual shame and fall from grace. Matt Wilson is stunning on this cover because there is such life and intensity throughout, especially as you look into the lighter areas to see your loved ones and then into the darker corners to see the evil lurking there. The fold out cover is a joy to behold and a glorious summary of the cast of Thor.

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