Cover of the Week 25/11 – Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #1 by Amy Reeder

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (2015-) 001-000

The delight of this cover is observing Amy Reeder create a wonderful moment of childhood innocence. This is Lunella and she is befriending a dinosaur. The juxtaposition of size, emotion and poise bears something so ridiculous and outrageous that it might just work. The composition of the page is perfect as Amy chooses the exact proportions to allow enough of the creature to appear for us to know what it is and the whole of the child to truly appreciate how small she is in comparison. We do not even see all of the devil’s head as the lower jaw is barely present, but what we do see is the distinctive shape, the threatening teeth and staring eyes. The scales and shape of the head are well drawn and embody what most of us consider the archetypal dinosaur. The shades and red aid in appreciating the scales and the yellow glow of the eyes almost depict a warmer appearance, helping us to believe that this dinosaur is friendly. Lunella is dressed in what appear to be school clothes to describe her age, with her multi-pocketed backpack and pulled up socks. It is her posture however that brings warmth to this page and she leans over, balancing her weight with her arms flung back, and kisses the dinosaur on the nose with her eyes closed. This level of trust and appreciation is immense considering how terrifying the creatures appears. Though she is innocent, her love is obvious and the intimidation appeal of the dinosaur drops almost completely. The colour scheme of the page is also impressive and very much fits the schoolchild/dangerous monster co-ordinated friendship. There is such sweetness to the page that there was no other cover his week that was more emotionally heartfelt.

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