The Theatre List 6/1 – Marvel making headway?

It has been a long time that I can recall recommending this many books in a week. Perhaps during the hey day of Marvel Now because it does seem that they can really add mass to the list at times. I have understood the progressives advances the company has been trying to make, which has never been my complaint, it was more that the books just weren’t that good. Given the staggered start to the reboot, there are titles in all kinds of motion with good starts and/or bad endings. Every title needs time to bed in, having said that I struggle to understand the rationale behind Uncanny X-Men. Remember when the Avengers had that title that gave a little scene from each title just to lay out the background? That is what the X-Men could do with. An introduction to the new status quo that some mutants die in contact with terrigen mists, some are invulnerable, and some who just don’t seem to be bothered. If the Uncanny lot are not affected and are refusing to find a safe haven like the Extraordinary are, then what are they trying to do? Stop other mutants from entering cryostasis as a cover for a noble endeavour of an overly aggressive Magneto? Whatever the case we are now in a situation where each X-person is having to find a role and an opinion once again. It becomes very tiresome having to go through once more, especially with Magneto. Though I have no faith in Land, I do in Bunn because he wrote a fantastic Magneto solo title so it deserves a little more time. A similar situation exists with the new Hulk book because a gamma powered Amadeus is no more THE Hulk than any of the other gamma powered beings we have seen. He is not fooling anyone. I would like to complain that his personality has become split and he is now the horny teenager but his sister seems to be the super intelligent aspect of his former self. Though Cho was Pak’s creation a long while ago, so he deserves the time to tell his story. The hook is what has actually happened to the Hulk for the time being. However I struggle with the sexualised nature of Cho’s artwork, though I appreciate why it does appeal to many people. I quickly wanted to mention why Black Science did not make this list. It is because this issue covered the same ground it did previously albeit with some more childhood exposition. I can understand the necessity to cover more about Grant’s childhood, actually that is a lie I can’t. His failing father routine ended the last major arc, we did not need another slow character arc recovering this ground to help him find new motivation. I struggled to not place this on the list because the art was stellar, as always, but it was not enough to replace the repetition. I think that is far too long a rant for a week that was genuinely quite good for comics.

Marvel Codes

Uncanny X-Men #1 – THMHAWTIJH62

Rocket Raccoon & Groot #1 – THMDDTF1GHRJ

The Totally Awesome Hulk #2 – THMHGBY0DALZ


318337._SX640_QL80_TTD_Swamp Thing #1

There is something about the way Len Wein writes that brings gravity to the story of Swamp Thing. He makes the Swamp seem like the most important place in the world and that is what I think is missed when the big guy leaves it. The art was lovely, but the heavier inking may detract from the classic aesthetic it may have been aiming for.


323961._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Ultimates #3 – THMUC5VPRZQR

Al Ewing has decided to go big and go hard with this story. To have Galactus go from being the devourer of planets to the bringer of life is one tall order. But the characters are all invested and their powers are willing and able, so it all fits together wonderfully.

322942._SX640_QL80_TTD_Weirdworld #2 – THMU6QEC2MLM

I was contemplating whether this story was going to be appropriate for Weirdworld because it seemed to lack that…well weirdness. I was wrong. Humphries has brought the ludicrousness and Del Mundo has reciprocated in style. You don’t need to know the story because it really doesn’t matter; Welcome to Weirdworld!

322452._SX640_QL80_TTD_A-Force #1 – THMVE9V2F5PD

Singularity seems to be the one constant remaining from Secret Wars, unsurprisingly given her name. There is a seemingly tenuous link to bringing all the A-Force ladies characters together but its quite sweetly written, as in the loving naiveté of the lead. I am quite enjoying Molina’s art too so I await to see how this team reforms.

322502._SX640_QL80_TTD_Spider-Man/Deadpool #1 – THMT12FP48AW

It is so good to read Deadpool again at the hands of Joe Kelly and it is not surprisingly to imagine a duo like this could be very amusing. Current DP is a little separated in personality and has lost that vigour, but this book brought it back and was thoroughly enjoyable. And yes he did pretend to get an erection to act as a distraction.

322477._SX640_QL80_TTD_Deadpool #5 – THMLKRZ2KVL4

Despite my misgivings above, the story made some interesting headway and his alter-ego is one fierce and hideous supervillain. As a solid superhero/team book it was thoroughly well done, I have no idea how it will continue and what they will do with Wade once it is done. But then again he does seem to be everywhere at the moment doesn’t he?

322947._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Vision #3 – THMZEDJ606KG

There isn’t a better written book out there at the moment. To see his wife Virginia seemingly tackle her emotions much more humanely than Vision does is disturbingly uncomfortable. Walta is amazingly at portraying how the family feels, despite them being artificially sentient. Such incredible work.

322482._SX640_QL80_TTD_Doctor Strange #4 – THM0KUCMGIHR

The art of puking without puking is an odd concept, probably best left unexplained so as to not lose the magic. Bachalo is amazing on the art, the second page alone was just a glorious headshot. I admired how he kept to the blue/greyscale colouring in the dramatic background story, except when it went yellow to show vomit. Classy.


324527._SX640_QL80_TTD_The October Faction #12

It is hard to ever not recommend this given the expertise of the art and colouring. The story seems to be a mish mash of betrayal and forgiveness in the world of the gothic arcane. But its always fantastic to look at! There is always a new character or a new twist to keep you glued.

326761._SX640_QL80_TTD_Four Eyes #1

This is quite the strange book. The story features a young boy, seemingly only heir to a rich fortune being raised by a ex-servant to become a dragon trainer? It is set in the early twentieth century and looks beautiful. Fiumara has a style of his own, where you can spot the way he draws faces from anywhere. The dragons look incredible too.

326791._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Fade Out #12

Check out my review later this week!

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