Cover of the Week 13/1 – Robin War #2 by Emilio Lopez & Khary Randolph


The finale to Robin War does not excite me because the Talons versus the Robins is hardly an original concept. However this cover did bring anticipation, as the tension was well built between warring factions and the delicate sheen made me think I was about to watch an epic animated show. This cover has a very manga feel to it especially with the subtle character design appearances. The faces are either perfectly chiselled to exaggeratively defining. Compare the beautifully clean and well defined lines of the female leads to the upturned and irregular nose and mouth of the Robin with a mohawk. You cannot deny how well they have designed these characters as each is distinctive and coloured wonderfully. There is a juxtaposition between the clothing and skin colour as essentially this image is actually black and white. As much as the individual apparel of the Robin’s define them, the Talons have the gilt yellow highlighting their weaponry and armour. The shading brings additional shape and structure to their physiques, its technically very impressive. Combine these features with the fact you have a fantastic composition of rival factions, diagonally opposed of two different types of bird, then you really start to enjoy the beauty of this page.

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