Cover of the Week 20/1 – Ms Marvel #3 by Cliff Chiang


Cliff Chiang has developed so impressively over the years, not that his work wasn’t great to begin with. His style and panel composition on the Ms Marvel covers have been wonderful. The whole cover depict a representative poster of the current story arc. The border of the image brings natural confinement to the page and also the title of the book. The tagline is cleverly situated around the comic title and the spray paint graffiti brings home the message of the story arc. I am not sure what Kamala is trying to do but her mere presence in front of her own promotion, and her being spotted, represent her rebellion against the image. If you look closely at the poster you will note the distinction between promotional Ms Marvel and actual Ms Marvel. Note the light border definitions and deliberate shading of the clothing creases. Then compare these to the actual Ms Marvel who has the traditional Chiang heavy pencilling. The colours are most shaded within the reds and blues themselves, as opposed to the black shadow shading of the poster. Its a very deliberate and amazing touch as it makes the two images of Kamala completely different. Add in the spotlight that shines on the real Ms Marvel and you can appreciate how incredible the colouring on this page is.

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