Cover of the Week 9/3 – Kennel Block Blues #2


It is not just the classic animal faces utilised for persona perfection but the depiction of the situation at hand. The rival factions, or rather the bully and the bullee, are trying to outwit one another with the cats chilling in a cell and the dogs clinging on for dear life in some form of chute. The facial expressions are well depicted with a combination of fear and strain compared to the menace suspicion of their hunters. However it is more the composition of the page that makes it memorable because the perspective is quite unique. It shows us peering from below at an angle to highlight the shape of the building and the desperateness of the fleeing dogs. The added subtlety of freedom being above them at the top of the building being coloured bright yellow but below a doomed darker purple, is very clever storytelling. The perspective once again plays its part as the distance to freedom seems so far above them, but the fall is just below expressing the difficult task they face. As a final touch, the whole building is designed as a blueprint, with architectural designs and annotations. This intelligent piece of graphic design relies on the association between a jailbreak and intricate prison break planning, thereby building into the theme of the comic. The attention to detail and emotional yet precise storytelling by Daniel Bayliss, are fundamental to the success of this book and deserve plaudits for a long time to come.

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