Cover of the Week 16/3 – Spider-Woman #5 by Javier Rodriguez


The best cover of this past week was  Spider-Woman because, quite simply it is a celebration of motherhood. It is that complete premise deconstruction that brings emphasis to that which really does not need emphasizing. But that isn’t true is it? Though families are not uncommon in the comic universe, few really focus on mother and child, especially not newborn in any case. I remember fondly Pfeifer’s Catwoman where Selina had to make very difficult decisions revolving around the life of her baby. It is wonderful to see Jessica cradling her baby and kissing so gently on the temple. You could go on about the lovely shading on her jacket, the fantastic complement of colours, the perplexed gaze of the child and the complete lack of background, but you would be missing the point: This is a cover of pure joy and wonder.

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