Cover of the Week 23/3 – Independence Day #1 by Steve Scott


The original movie came out almost twenty years ago and most people who were hyped to see it then, will remember the intense movie poster. It depicted a spaceship larger than a giant city firing down from above. It was the sheer size disparity that brought the fear. The cover pays homage to that in a stylised graphic design manner. The heart of the movie has always been the independence of the United States and the poster is core to this cover. It is very clever in that the stars represent the sky, in which the giant ship hovers, and the stripes strike down to Earth, as the weapon from the alien craft. The silhouette of the cityscape is tiny compared to the ship and harks back to the original poster. Accompanying this effect are the small ships within the clouds, that fly towards the powerful beam giving a sense of futility and loss. Finally the colours of red, white and blue bring home the message that the American flag is under attack and it is about to be torn asunder. This is a cover full of style and intelligent motives.

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