Cover of the Week 27/4 – The Ultimates #6 by Kenneth Rocafort


I am so pleased to see the lifebringer iteration of Galactus on the cover of this comic. He wow’d us a few issues back when the classic purple garb was replaced by a glowing and sparkly gown. It is almost as if he embraced his inner teenage girl. Whatever you think of the outfit, his appearance is regal and glorious and perfectly suited to the lifebringer moniker. Rocafort is fantastic at drawing very detailed art but does not suffocate the page with lines. I am unsure whether he does his own colours but the shades of yellow and gold are combined to great reflective effects. Every part of his clothing has almost a different shade and within it, darker shadows of what is around. You might think that this would confuse the image but the lighter yellows are in the right places to accentuate the movements of the big guy, such as his knees and hands. The sheer power emanates as pink and orange erratic shapes from his hands, contrasting with the darkness of space. There is a yellow tinge outline to him which also depicts the sheer power he possesses as he flounces around the planets beside him. If you coloured this traditionally then the image would appear more aggressive and intimidating because we know what the devourer of planets is likely to do. Even his growl is also difficult to interpret but we hope it’s for good, because, well…he is all shiny and gold.

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