Cover of the Week 4/5 – 4001AD #1 by Clayton Crain


I struggle to believe that since I started this blog I have yet to discuss Clayton Crain’s artwork. I have been in adoration of his work since the days of X-Force. He has a characteristic inks and colours making his visuals look so beautiful yet realistic. There are no hard black lines on the faces but the features blend wonderfully. This cover is a portfolio of those skills as it is one headshot after another, but so unique and distinct throughout. The blue tone throughout blends all the images together, but does not wash out the original colours, especially not the skin tones. You can devote time to viewing all of the exquisite details and appreciate the work put into this page. The futuristic backgrounds are maintained really indicating that this is set in a world away from now. The entire composition is wonderful considering this is the opening issue of a new story that is unknown to us. It is a joy to see and entices you to see more of the glorious artwork Clayton Crain can bring.

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