Cover of the Week 11/5 – Vision #7 by Mike Del Mundo


The enigmatic witch tortures the robot with swirls of passions and touches of intimacy. His immutable demeanour remains resolute with a firm gaze amongst the romantic scarlet frenzy. Mike Del Mundo is one of the greatest cover artists of all time, and as creative as his pages are, there is always a theme core to the central character. This page is a wonderful example as Vision is central and unemotionally downward gazing but Wanda is desperately trying to engage. So much so that she creates more versions on herself that touch his chest, trying to penetrate his heart. Their delicate head tilts infer a degree of affection if only Vision would reciprocate. The page is flooded by red swirls that extend from her clothing and engulf vision metaphorically, including the title of the book which is minimally cast in shadows. It is gorgeously aesthetic and emotionally in tune with the heroes at hand, but you would expect no less from the great Del Mundo

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