Cover of the Week 25/5 – Monstress #6 by Sana Takeda


Majesty. That is the word I would use to describe Takeda’s art. There is a certain harmony and beauty to the way he communicates his story. It is hard to know if it is the refined and variable thickness to the inking or the gentle tone of the complementary colours. Every page is a stunning example of her skills because each character is designed to immaculate detail but the page is not overwhelmed with ink. This cover has a huge amount of information but it is balanced well. The central character has a very simply drawn face but gown, hair and boots have impressively intricate design. However the line is thin and light so to not engulf her character. Another example of this is the extended mane on the horse which is just beautiful. If you look further northward there is stunning architecture, with wonderful detailing, but it is all harmonious. The colours take on a blue hue keeping them flowing and it is simply yet effective how the sky flows with her gown and the reds of the columns join with the bloody plants behind the unicorn. Oh yes, there is a unicorn with the most glorious horn. The composition is that of heroic promotion with a protagonist taming a glorious mystical creature mid leap. The skills that Sana possesses are not unique to her as an artist but she looks like no other, and that majesty is reason alone to buy this title.

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