Cover of the Week 22/6 – Thor #8 by Russell Dauterman and Matt Wilson


Russell Dauterman and Matt Wilson bring the light fantastic like no artists before. The use of white to imitate lightening can so easily drown a cover but this page distinctly surrounds and comforts Thor with the power she wields. There is such a juxtaposition with the purposeful expansile light and the immaculate details of the central character. Dauterman has always draw great hair, and it seems to be a balance of dividing it into sections that allow Wilson to subtly change colour to provide depth and texture. This also features on the way her breastplate literally glistens and builds the regal enigma of Thor. Place all this aside because the most pertinent feature of this page is the fact that Jane is descending on a platform of thunder and lightening. We see this happen almost from directly underneath and not only is it a great use of perspective, especially Moljinr, but impresses upon us the deity that she is. Her posture beckons with a sense of impending doom and certainly would make enemies run in fear. But for us the reader, it is a chance to rejoice in the wonderful work that Dauterman and Wilson are producing.


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