Cover of the Week 13/7 – Nightwing: Rebirth #1 by Javier Fernandez


There is a silky smooth rain aesthetic to this cover that bears an intensity and reality for the return of Nightwing to Gotham. The image itself is a relatively straightforward torso shot but Dick wields his baton almost as a cover but more likely a shield for his face. Not only an impressive pose but one ready for action. The detailing is where this page really shines but that is more due to the rendering and colouring. Note the grayscale of his outfit and how well it graduates with the light source, which I imagine is from a streetlight. There are similar effects to his had, but the splashes of fine droplets are more prominent here. Each individual picks up the light as those that fly by remain fine white lines across the image. They even form a droplet circle on some aspects of his chest. The black, white and blue ensemble of Nightwing has rarely looked cooler than this and his grin and furrowed brow bring a long lost hero back into the fray.

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