Cover of the Week 27/7 – Divinity II #4 by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic


I ended my last post about Jelena’s art thirsty for more, and since then every cover of Divinity II has been of the same wondrous visuals. Whereas issue one created a sense of serenity, this issue brings the exact opposite; turbulent chaos. The balance of colouring and rendering to a light source to the left of the image, is phenomenal. The highlights bring texture to the spacesuits, skin tone and hair is just perfect. Not only that but the actual aggression on display is expressed with the focused eyes, the wide roar and the subtle crows feet. Equally the pain is seen in the closed eyes of the male astronaut in the image, with a clenched jaw as part of his grimace. The image is at close quarters and exemplifies the intensity of the confrontation, but the power of the fight is shown with the destruction of the helmets. The shards flying around are so sleight and light that the changes in brightness are almost all that are needed to show them. There is such an incredible balance of colour that brings emotion to such an intense composition. Though that thirst is quenched, it is only temporary as Kevic-Djurdjevic’s work produces an insatiable desire.

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