Cover of the Week 24/8 – Outcast #20 by Paul Azaceta & Elizabeth Breitweiser


The continued level of high quality artwork on Outcast from Azaceta and Breitweiser is incredibly impressive. The tension and suspense brought from every issue is better than any other terror/horror book I have read in current times. The insidious evil that exists has yet to be fully elucidated and this cover builds upon that wariness. The normal walk with child down the street is usually uneventful if not friendly but this image is the exact opposite. The mother is acutely aware that every person on that journey is staring at them, demonstrated by the turn of her head. This effect is emphasised by Azaceta by the number of people in the shot, the kid perched in the distance is probably the most concerning as he cannot prise his eyes away. The whole page is whitewashed to accentuate the effect of snow and streetlights but it is also darkened to bring a more ominous tone. Then Breitweiser reddens the eyes of the neighborhood to instill fear and a sense of danger. The final part of the equation is to make the innocent child walking with her mother completely red. The colouring is deliberately hazardous and outside of the lines, almost as if it is a photo someone has spoiled. That is certainly the intended appearance but the effect is terrifying. Not only does it place a target on the child but it implies that she may also be afflicted with the same condition as the people on the street. The mother turning her head is worried about the pedestrians, but what she should be really worried about is the infant she holds onto. It changes the perspective of the whole piece as suddenly the people around may be looking at one of their own. This serves to heighten the fear of the whole book because it begins to remove hope…hence why Azaceta and Breitweiser are so incredible at crawling under your skin.

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