Cover of the Week 16/11 – Black Panther #8 by Brian Stelfreeze


It takes a few moments and some distance to truly appreciate the ingenuity of this page. The normal length at which we hold and read comics will show a maze like structure with varying shades of brown forming a headshot. It is not clear exactly who it is but you can make out facial features, and the classic Wakandian necklace. Now take the book and throw it a few metres ahead of you and you immediately recognise Shuri but not only that, you identify the beautiful shading around her cheek bones and eyes. Selfreeze has a wonderful sense of colour and even if he made this image black and white, the features would be just a striking. Instead we have a patterned mosaic that becomes more dense in pattern to identify darker areas of shade, and more sparse or even absent to provide light. The image even becomes darker as we look towards the title to fit with the creator credits. I genuinely wonder how many actual lines exist on this page was it seems like the pen never left the paper. Stellar work from Mr Stelfreeze.

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