Cover of the Week 23/11 – Black Monday Murders #4 by Tomm Coker

429434-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_The image becomes more about the use of white and the absence of black because the background and general furniture is very dark. The actual comic prepares a muted colour palette and the front page is no different. It allows time to appreciate the depth and texture, such as the small brush strikes and shading definitions of the fur coat. Similar approaches are used for the upholstery as you notice the small pins causing subtle changes in light providing curvature. There are different approaches in all aspects of the image, even the shirt had very small creases with a grayer colour that bring shape. It is especially important considering the woman standing has clothing that matches her skin tone, meaning the rendering and defining black detail is all important. You begin to appreciate the sunglasses and shade of lipstick in their ability to provide a look and feel. The central seated character has regular facial features to work with and the intricate details on her eyes and hair bear her attractive and distinct visage. This page represents very intelligent use of succinct lines and rendering.

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