Cover of the week 24/10 – Journey into Mystery 645 – Stephanie Hans


It is no surprise that I chose this cover this week because there is so much importance attached to it. Its the last issue of Kieron Gillen’s penmanship and it is the final story of kid Loki. The reincarnate child of Loki with none of his memories who was a chance of redemption. Kid Loki was the death cheat of his adult predescessor and he ran with it and boy did he run far. The issue focuses on the future and though Loki is in charge his adult self has come for him. As the cover demonstrates, Kid Loki has always been in the hands of adult Loki, it is because of him that he exists at all. Adult Loki looks menacing with his grim expression, enclosing hand and awesome headgear. Kid Loki looks small, weak and lonesome and garners our sympathy. It is time and the cover reflects payback, endtimes, fear and the judgement of our beloved protagonist. Is it the end of kid Loki? Like so many that have said before me, the culmination of years worth or story will leave you saddened with a tear in your eye. Phenomenal work

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