Classic Cuts: Y The Last Man – Brian Vaughan

So this is the second post from Scott in the Classic Cuts section! After a great starting post we now discuss a now unique and classic title. You can follow Scott on @Smutty2099 but it is not for the faint of heart and definitely not suitable for work!

Imagine being the Last Man on earth, just you and billions of lonely woman all of them desperate for male attention, a man’s touch, someone to repopulate the world or just someone to help open a jar of pickles.

This premise is the basis for ‘Y the last man’ and it revolves around Yorrick Brown. He has the last Y chromosome on earth when a worldwide epidemic strikes and he is on a quest to discover the truth behind the plague, reunite with his mother and sister and to find his fiancé Beth (who was in Australia when the crisis hit). Trust me it isn’t the sexy adventure you thought it would be.

Yorrick is joined on his journey with Agent 355: a secret service solider assigned to keep him alive, Dr Alison Mann: a scientist who thinks she can clone Yorrick and save the human race, and Ampersand: Yorrick’s monkey who he was training when the crisis hit. The adventure takes them from Washington to Hong Kong, Australia, Paris and along the way fighting man hating Amazons, irate Israeli fundamentalists and their own dark demons.

It is written by fan favourite Brian Vaughan whose is currently blowing minds with his space epic Saga. Pia Guerra’s pencils are soft yet show every emotion and the covers are drawn by one of my favourite artists: J.G. Jones. Mixing humour with action this high concept love story will leave you gripped till the last page. It is a classic you will return to again and again to discover what would happen if you were the last man alive and why.

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