Iconic Art Post – The Flash by Francis Manapul

I have been waiting to discuss Francis Manapul’s artwork in more detail for a while now. There are so many stunning double page spreads to choose from but I chose the above from issue 5 because it demonstrates two particular strengths of Manapul. I find he really captures the essence of the speed force and I believe Barry is running extremely quickly. Its a combination of The Flash always looking like he is straining and using all his strength and the subtle detailing of the prevailing speed lines which emanates from his symbol and body. The colouring also adds to the effect with the yellow and red slowly fading and blurring the scene behind him. I cannot recall anyone having dawn these effects as good. The extent of his power is shown by the fact he is carrying two huge barges in his wake! It is an immense scene. The second aspect of the art I adore is the incorporation of the Flash moniker into the scene itself. Every issue has a distinct way of adding the title of the comic and in some cases, you cannot even see it! It is well demonstrated here as the ice on which he is running reads his name. Francis Manapul is perfect for Barry Allen but his artwork has so many more strengths but there is little doubt I will be discussing those in another post soon. In the meanwhile we should bask in Manapul’s and The Flash’s greatness.

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