Iconic Art Post – Batman by Jock

I have been waiting to use Jock’s work as part of my iconic art sections for a while now. The side plot stories at the end of Batman are incredibly well drawn. They are very atmospheric and his use of colours and facial features really emphasise the scene.  This page his haunting as we focus on Harley’s eyes as the Joker begins his mental torture of her. It is not often you see an artist be able to show a range of emotion with just with their eyes. In this one page we see Harley inquire with hope, shy away with despondence and then slowly become more anxious and frightful. Instead of the drawing the Joker we see only his teeth flash reddened with a maddened grin, which is probably all that Harley can see too. Jock chooses to show the essence of the Joker and it is incredibly effective a strategy to convey emotion. The colours are muted and heavily shaded placing prominence on Harley’s face and the darkened despair of the scene. These final pages of Batman 13 were an excellent addition to the already brilliant main story and Jock deserves a wealth of credit to match up with his colleagues. I look forward to his work immensely.

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