Cover of the Week 14/11 – Saga #7 – Fiona Staples

Fiona Staples has an artistic style all of her own and the Saga book is incredibly popular and strong. This cover portrays brilliant imagery with the central character with horns seemingly murdering a victim with wings. It runs a classic devil and angel story and focuses on the apparent antagonist. The horned gentlemen is covered in blood indicating a horrific battle, with it dripping from his face while plunging a sword into his adversary. What adds another element of horror and disgust is the far away look on his face, almost nonchalant as he performs this task. It implies that he is distracted or just not interested in his aggressive striking or the creature he is killing. I am not sure whether it is more or less frightful, that the dying creature has no face or body displayed, only the wings. The font of the Saga title and the pink backdrop give a pure and clean contrast to the scene depicted below it. If you read this book then you will know that the characters displayed are not of heaven and hell origin but species involved in a civil war. However that does not take away from the hideous beauty of the cover and the excellent work of Fiona Staples.

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