Cover of the Week 28/11 – American Vampire 33 – Rafael Albuquerque

AmericanVampire33_001I have only followed this book from the trade series and so I am not a regular collector, but this cover is just incredible. Albuquerque has a great horror style for a vampire book but this page shows his more refined skills. The posture of the central character is painful and as he grabs his stomach, you can see the pain on his face. The facial features are almost twisted and exaggerated emphasising the emotional outburst and despair. The musical notes emanating from the man’s face seem like there may be a melody coming from the gramophone, which could be there to provide solace and peace to the desperate figure but also they could represent the screams of his voice. We are forgiven for thinking it could be either but ultimately the desperation bears through in this scene. I adore the black and white of the cover as the shading is very precise, but also allows the red colour to highlight the musical notes which match the blood red of the title. The front page delivers on sn emotional perspective and I would really like to read it, but alas I must wait for the trade release.

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